With the No. 2 Eastman Film Sheath, Eastman Portrait Films may be used in any ordinary View Plate Holder.

The sheath is made of metal and is inserted in the holder in the same way as a glass plate. The film is placed in the sheath after it is in the holder, being held in place by a rabbet at either side and end. The film may be placed in the holder as quickly as a glass plate, and may be removed as readily without necessarily removing the sheath.

The combined weight of sheath and film is much less than that of a glass plate, so film still has the advantage over plates in weight, even though used in the ordinary plate holder with the metal sheath.

Eastman Portrait Films have decided advantages, not only in all kinds of portrait work, but in high-class view and commercial work as well. Films are light, flexible, unbreakable and are non-halation in a higher degree than any plate.

A Film Sheath To Fit Any View Plate Holder StudioLightMagazine1914 163


By S. H. Lifshey Brooklyn, N. Y.

A Film Sheath To Fit Any View Plate Holder StudioLightMagazine1914 164

Halation is present to a certain extent in almost every negative made on glass plates. In fact it is so common that the average workman only takes note of the extreme cases in which it takes the form of a decided blur. However, the loss of detail and halftones in any white object is primarily due to halation, the thickness of the glass permitting the rays of strong light to spread as they are reflected from the back of the plate. As Eastman Portrait Film has only a small fraction of the thickness of a glass plate, the greatest cause of halation is removed and the improvement in quality of negatives is readily noticeable.

No expensive equipment is necessary for a trial of Portrait Films, as your View Holders will carry them when fitted with the No. 2 Eastman Film Sheaths.


5 x 7................. $ .20

6 1/2 x 8 1/2................. 20

8 x 10................. 25

No professional photographer or employee can afford to miss the

Eastman School of Professional Photography

Every hour is filled with instruction of absorbing interest and practical value.

The New England Convention

The New England Association will hold its 16th Annual Convention in Copley Hall, Boston, October 13th, 14th and 15th.

An unusually attractive program is being arranged and several new and progressive ideas in convention methods are expected to insure an unusually large attendance, as well as the largest picture exhibit in many years.

Proprietors of studios in New England and the Maritime Provinces will be admitted to membership by paying annual dues of only one dollar, which entitles them to a certificate of membership, suitable for framing. An additional dollar is required of those attending the convention. Employees are required to pay one dollar, which entitles them to all the privileges of an active member.

A gold medal is offered in the Grand Portrait Class, open to the world. For members only, silver and copper cups will be awarded in Landscape Class and Commercial Photography Class, and first and second prizes in each State Class for three best portraits.

Full information may be had from the Secretary, George Hastings, Newtonville, Mass.

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By S. H. Lifshey Brooklyn, N. Y.

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