Home portraiture is a natural and logical development of studio portraiture, not as a side line but as an integral part of the portrait photographer's business.

Some photographers may think there are good reasons for discouraging the making of portraits in the home, but not the photographer who has had a demand for and has made himself proficient in this branch of work.

When a customer wants a home portrait it is better policy to give him what he wants, and take your profit, than to try to convince him he doesn't want it, and lose a customer. And if someone else is going to create a desire for home portraiture and get the business, why not lock the door of the stable before the horse is stolen ?There is no reason why any photographer should object to going into a home to photograph what cannot be brought to the studio. A few years ago conditions were different. Thirty-five years ago home portraiture would have been practically impossible. But to-day it is most reasonable.

The growth and prosperity of the American people has naturally been followed by the development of the artistic taste of the individual. And nowhere is this taste so evident nor so highly cultivated as in the homes of the well to do.It is natural then that the background of the home reflects a certain individuality of its occupant that makes a home portrait exceptionally pleasing.

And if a woman prefers the surroundings of her own home to the artificiality of painted backgrounds, why not give her home portraits ? You can make them. Not as successfully at first as you make portraits in your studio, but each sitting adds to your fund of experience and increases your efficiency as a home photographer.Eastman Portrait Films will be found your greatest help in this work, not alone for their convenience and light weight but for their exceptional speed and non-halation properties.

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By Sara F. T. Price (Of the Women's Federation)

Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa.

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The average home offers problems in lighting which make their non-halation qualities essential. And the results which prominent home portrait photographers are securing every day under the most trying light conditions are nothing short of marvelous.

If you imagine home portraiture to be impractical you have not had evidence of the speed and quality of Eastman Portrait Films. You are accustomed to studio conditions and plate results. Home portraiture and Portrait Films will explode some of your pet theories - will prove that the combination of film qualities do overcome those very difficulties which often serve to make such work impractical and unsatisfactory without films.

We would not feel so sure of our ground had we not the support of home portrait workers all over the country - had we not seen actual results that were even beyond our own expectations. One prominent home portraitist says " the film results are always better than we could hope for," and that will be your experience when you have tried them.

Studio conditions do not tax their capabilities to such an extent as home portraiture, but their quality and convenience recommend them for studio work as well.It is to your interest to familiarize yourself with what others are doing in home portraiture and with the material that is especially adapted to such work. The Eastman Portrait Film Booklet maybe had from your dealer. Send for your copy to-day.