I ast the Boss wuzzent it a good thing 4 a feller 2 hav sum littelakkomplishment on the cide so as 2 reeleeve hiz mind affter a heavy days toile an to liten the hartz ov hiz frends, an he sed that moast usually the feller wot put in time praktissin sutch littel akkomplishmentz dident liten his frendz hartz so mutch as he did thair pokketz bi tuchin em 4 triflin lones.

The Boss says that phew of us have the nzzikal an mentel strength 2 praktis boath our ak-komplishments an our reggler jobs an maik em boath pay.

I ast the Boss diden awl wurk an no play maik Jack a dull boy an he sed he kuddent tel from mi kase B kaus I awlways had a revverse engglish on wurk.

The Boss says that the feller whoze mane akkomplishmentz are a cide issue is generly a jeenius gone rong.

I ast the Boss wot wuz a jeenius an he sed the bes diffinition he evver herd wuz "a feller wot haz a tremenjus kappacity 4 hard wurk."

Photographing Superstitions StudioLightMagazine1914 38


Eastman Professional School Negative

Photographing Superstitions StudioLightMagazine1914 39

I gess I aint no jeenius.

The Boss says that sum fellers will praktis 4 hourz on a 5 bawl kombination 2 put the 9 bawl in the cide pokket an do it an yet kant start the kittchen fire with-oute azzistantz.

I ast the Boss didden a slite ov han performer hav the best of it for when he wantz sum munney awl he has 2 do is 2 reech up in 2 spaice an pull it in an he sed the hand is quickker than the i but you kant ketch no dollers bi puttin salt on the tale fetthers ov the egle, and that the dollars he pulls oute ov the aire aint thair till he put em thair.

The Boss says the onnly slite ov han performer that gets the best ov it is the feller that can juggel 2 hours wurk out of 1 and kepe it up longer than the union skedule.

I hav kum 2 the kunklusion that the onnly weigh 2 sucksess is by the swet of youre brough.

Get acquainted with the speed, non-halation and chemical qualities and exceptional convenience of what good can be accomplished which shall benefit the photographers from a business as well as from an artistic standpoint. Along this line let me say that suggestions from any photographer, whether a member of the Association or not, will be taken with the kindest consideration. May I ask that these suggestions, no matter how trivial they may seem, be sent to me at Bucyrus, Ohio.

Eastman Portrait Film

Photographing Superstitions StudioLightMagazine1914 40

JNO. I. HOFFMAN Secy. P. A. of A.


Beginning with 1914, the P. A. of A. is going to have for its motto the single word "Service." As the new secretary of the Association I would like to make this idea stand out above all others. Service not alone at convention time but for the other fifty-one weeks of the year. Service to each individual photographer and to photography as a profession.

It would be a little premature for us to say just now along what line our efforts will be spent. We must investigate and find out

That the Association is starting on a new epoch is the belief of everyone in touch with the new spirit among the photographers. Tradesmen, business men and professional men, are all organized for self protection. The time has come for every photographer to unite with the organization which has for its sole aim the subserving of his interest.

We need a large organization, one which shall have some prestige, one that shall be able to protect the profession from foolish legislation, commercial discrimination and popular misconceptions.

We need the co-operation of every photographer to carry out this work. Can we count on you?

(Signed) Jno. I. Hoffman,

Secretary P. A. of A.


A paper without a disappointment