At a meeting of the Executive Board of the Photographers Association of Canada it was unanimously decided that owing to the present conditions of the country and in view of the fact that the P. A. of A. was to hold its convention at Cleveland, so close to Toronto, it would not be advisable to hold a Canadian convention this year. The secretary, Mr. Fred Booth, has notified the members to this effect and expects to have a large Canadian delegation in Cleveland.

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Artura Carbon Black

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By Edward H. Weston Tropico, Cal.

Our Illustrations

Our illustrations are examples of the work of Mr. Edward H. Weston of Tropico, Cal., who is to be one of the demonstrators at the Cleveland Convention this month.

Mr. Weston has selected these pictures for us as especially characteristic of his work and will, no doubt, show in his demonstration his methods of working and his ideas of composition, posing and lighting, which show an exceptional amount of originality.

Mr. Weston worked for two years as printer in a Los Angeles studio and then decided to go into business for himself. The "Little Studio," as he chooses to call it, was opened in Tropico, Cal., five years ago, the venture being against the advice of his friends, in and out of the profession.

For three years there was not even a street in front of the studio - a path answering all purposes - but enough of those who appreciated Mr. Weston's style of work found the path and each pilgrimage wore it plainer until now the "Little Studio" has become the rendezvous of artists, theatrical stars and tourists who appreciate things artisticand have heard of Mr. Weston and his work.

While his exhibits at the National and other photographic conventions have received the honors that all photographers covet, the recognition his work received at the London Salon has helped most to bring Mr. Weston into the lime light of publicity.

The London Salon of Photography, held in the galleries of the Royal Society of Painters in Water Colors, is the leading yearly exhibit of pictorial photography. No awards are given, it being considered sufficient honor to have a picture hung. Five of Mr. Weston's pictures were hung in the last salon. And further, its honorary secretary stated it was, in his estimation, the best group of pictures by any one man.

This was a signal honor for Mr. Weston and it has placed him in the front rank of pic-torialists.

A portion of Mr. Weston's exhibition and studio work has been made on E. B. Platinum and Bromide. A greater portion, however, is made on Artura, our illustrations being from an excellent set of Iris prints. There is a softness to these prints that is altogether different from fuz-ziness. And while our reproductions fail to do justice to the tone values of the originals, they give a very good idea of their decorative and pictorial quality and should be of unusual interest to our readers.

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By Edward H. Weston Tropico, Cal.