It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Mr. Don C. Scott, lecturer and demonstrator with the Eastman School of Professional Photography.

Don Scott was probably as popular with and had as large an acquaintance in the profession as any demonstrator of recent years. He was a faithful and conscientious worker, a genial, big-hearted friend and was loyal to his firm and his business associates.

He was born in Friendship, N. Y., in 1869, and at the age of sixteen began his career in a professional theatrical organization. After this experience he became a professional photographer and following several years of successful business was employed by the Eastman Kodak Company as a demonstrator and lecturer for its Professional School.

His stage experience probably accounted for his pleasing address and simple manner of imparting information to others. Don Scott was placed on the staff of the Eastman School nine years ago and faithfully performed his share of the work until the recent Indianapolis session of the School.

A cold, contracted several weeks before, developed into pneumonia. Mr. Scott was removed to the hospital and was given every possible medical attention, the wife who survives him being at his bedside when death came, the afternoon of April 4th.

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By H. C. Watton Oklahoma City, Okla.

The remains were sent to his home in Friendship, N.Y., the funeral service being conducted by the Masonic Order, of which he was a member.Most of us have to do the best we can with inexperienced help these days, and a good deal of material and time may be saved if you'll have your assistants read carefully the articles on page 10 of May number and page 18 of June number - both 1915 - which deal with troubles that are peculiarly apt to arise in very warm weather. We all need to be reminded occasionally, and the few minutes spent in looking this up will be well spent.

The 1916 Kodak Advertising Contest offers $3,000 in prizes.There are ten prizes from $100 to $1000 each for the best pictures for illustrating Kodak Advertising.

Circular of complete information on request in vancouver JULY 4, 5 AND 6

The man who can't learn any more should not attend the Eastman School of Professional Photography for it's dollars to doughnuts that he will learn something in spite of himself.You just can't listen to the lectures and watch the demonstrations without picking up useful information.The men in charge of the School don't know everything that's to be known about photographic work, but they travel all over North America, and they do pick up, here, there and everywhere, ideas for getting business as well as improved methods of doing things that have bothered you for years.

The purpose of the School is to help photographers increase their business and make more profit from the business they have, not to sell goods to those who attend, for no one is ever asked to buy anything at the School.Wherever it has been, the 1916 School has won approval from photographers, and many of the leaders in the profession have expressed their heartiest appreciation.

The lectures and demonstrations in commercial work alone will repay attending.The time, July 4, 5 and 6 - the place, Dominion Hall, 337 Pender Street. Will you attend?

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By H. C. Walton Oklahoma City, Okla.