We hope soon to be able to supply and recommend Kodelon, a developing agent which exhaustive laboratory and practical tests have demonstrated to be a suitable developing agent, in combination with Hydrochinon, for Artura, Azo and other de-veloping-out papers.Some of those who have tried Kodelon contend that the results are even superior to those secured with the coal tar developers in general use before the chemical shortage. We recommend it with confidence in the results it will produce, and our interests and those of the photographer who uses our products are identical.

Kodelon should be used in accordance with the following formulas, the chemicals being dissolved in the order named. The developers should be used full strength.Formula for Artura Iris, Azo and other papers for professional use:

Kodelon A New Developing Agent StudioLightMagazine1916 208


By Morrall-Hoole Studio Rochester, N. Y.

Water........ 40 ozs.

Kodelon ,...... 10 grains

Hydrochinon..... 40 grains

C. K. Co. Sulphite of Soda 180 grains

C. K. Co. Carbonate of Soda 180 grains

Saturated Solution Potassium Bromide, one drop to each two ounces of developer.

Formula for Velox, Azo, Bromide and other developing papers for amateur finishing and commercial work:

Water........ 82 ozs.

Kodelon....... 25 grains

Hydrochinon..... 90 grains

C. K. Co. Sulphite of Soda 830 grains C. K. Co. Carbonate of Soda 2¼ 02s. Potassium Bromide ... 4 grains

For a time Kodelon will be supplied in one ounce and one-quarter pound bottles.


Kodelon, 1 oz. bottle . . . 1.10| Kodelon, ¼ lb. bottle . . 4.00


In the brief time it has been on the market Azo K has made itself solid with everyone who has tried it. No other paper of similar standard and price has afforded the same desirable quality as K, and we are now enlarging its field of usefulness by putting out Azo K Soft.

The present K will be known as Azo K Hard, for it conforms to the Hard standard, and the same difference in contrast will exist between K Soft and K Hard as now prevails between E Soft and E Hard.

This new grade will be obtainable in single and double weight papers, as well as post cards. Regular Azo prices will apply, and the paper is available at once.

We have been influenced to make this addition by the opinions of scores of consumers who have urged that this new comer will enable them to standardize their less expensive work of general character on K, in its two contrasts.