Majestic Print Dryers have had much to do with the promptness with which Christmas orders have been delivered in many studios during the past month.

Properly shaped, bone-dry prints in from fifteen to thirty minutes is schedule time for these dryers. You know how much longer it takes to dry prints in the natural way, and even then you aren't sure they are absolutely dry.

It's worth the price of a dryer to have the assurance your prints are in proper condition when delivered to your customer - to know they are not going to curl up in the folder or pull loose from their mounts, to say nothing of what may happen to improperly dried sheet prints.

The Majestic Dryers are right in principle. The print is given a backward curl in drying that really stretches the emulsion to such an extent that the most it can do is to come back straight. Bone-dry prints in from fifteen to thirty minutes depends on the temperature of the air forced through the drying rolls by the fan, provision being made for hanging a thermometer in the back of the dryer to determine the temperature of the air passing through the rolls.


Improved Majestic Print Dryer No. 1, complete with drying rolls, electric motor, fan, gas heater and



Improved Majestic Print Dryer No.

5 complete as above ..........


Extra Drying Rolls, 11-inch, complete


Extra Drying Rolls, 7 inch, complete


Extra Drying Rolls, 6-inch, complete


Extra Muslin-Faced Blotter, for 11 or

7-inch Rolls ...............


Extra Muslin-Faced Blotter, for 6-

inch Rolls ..............


Order from your dealer.


The photographers' Christmas advertising was probably greater than any previous year, and we hope all those who advertised found it to be a profitable investment.

One of the novelties of this year's advertising was the use of posters. At the Indianapolis convention of the P. A. of A., it was suggested that the association have a suitable poster printed and that it be furnished the photographer at cost.

This was done, and we are told by Secretary Hoffman that the demand was so great that a second poster is to be furnished at equally small cost. The slogan used on this poster is "Be photographed this year on your birthday." Beneath the slogan is a space for the photographer's imprint and above are two pictures, one of a baby and the other of a sixteen-year old girl. The lines

Majestic Print Dryers StudioLightMagazine1916 18

FROM 1915 KODAK ADVERTISING CONTEST "'There are no game laws for those who hunt with a Kodak"

By Jas. J. Ryan Berkeley, R. I.


under the pictures read, "Miss May, Dec. 20th, 1900, one year old," and "Miss May, Dec. 20th, 1915, sixteen years old." It's a clever way of showing the necessity of having a picture of the boy or girl, each birthday, if there is to be a record of the wonderful growth and change. Of course it will also help to get the older folks into the studio.

To supplement this poster advertising, or to use where posters are not practical, the design is to be furnished in the form of window cards, mailing cards and one, two, three and four column electros for newspaper advertising. Prices may be had from John I. Hoffman, 12th and F streets, Washington, D. C.

Birthday advertising is good at any time of year and a great many photographers have found it practical and profitable to keep a card index of their customers' children, showing their ages and dates of birth. It's a very simple matter for the receptionist to ask a young man of six years how old he is and, if the boy says six, the mother will most always make some such remark as: "He will be seven the 9th of February."

The receptionist gets that date on her card without the mother thinking the question was asked for a reason, and so the card index fills up until a number of personal letters may be written each month suggesting pictures

on the boy or girl's birthday the following month.

The list may also be enlarged by making a record of all births announced in the daily papers and suggesting a picture when the child is old enough to bring to the studio. This card may be followed up each year unless a reasonable amount of solicitation fails to bring results, in which case the card should be canceled.

Such plans are all very good provided they are kept alive and they fit in very nicely with other birthday advertising. If you should use the birthday advertising slogan in posters, newspaper advertising, or other form, we would suggest that you make the display in your show case a birthday display and have some part of it carry out the idea of the poster.

As Mr. Hoffman can supply you with cards suitable for your show case and for mailing it will be a simple matter to make an appropriate display as well as to use the idea for your mailing list if you happen to have one.

And with the Christmas business out of the way you can't start another advertising campaign too soon.

Enlargements on Artura Carbon Black retain the contact quality.

Majestic Print Dryers StudioLightMagazine1916 20

FROM 1915 KODAK ADVERTISING CONTEST "Let the children Kodak"

By John S. Neary Trenton, N. J.


Majestic Print Dryers StudioLightMagazine1916 22Majestic Print Dryers StudioLightMagazine1916 23




When your goods have some one outstanding feature that other goods do not have and cannot have, that is the feature to advertise. It has taken a long time to discover it and epitomize it, but the product of the photographic studio has just such a selling point.

Every newspaper, every bill board, every magazine, every show case ought to be talking that selling point. And they should keep it up until every man, woman and child in the country has seen it, read it and heard it. And then they should keep it up so that no man, woman or child can forget it. That selling point not only exists but it has been sloganized:

"Your friends can buy anything you can give them - except your photograph."

There's a truth there that ought to be rubbed in. Our March advertising will carry the message to millions with full pages in Harper's, Century, Scrib-ner's, Everybody's, Cosmopolitan and World's Work, with quarter pages in Ladies' Home Journal and Saturday Evening Post, Collier's and other important publications. Just so that you can get it promptly into use we are sending you, herewith, a small card for your show case. But you ought to go into the newspapers with this same slogan - over your own signature, of course. Print it, print it.Talk it, talk it.

Easter doesn't come this year until April 23rd. There will therefore be more than the usual display of new gowns and new hats, which means that there should be more than the usual number of photographs used for Easter cards. Last year our magazine advertising suggested the idea of the photograph for Easter. We shall repeat the idea this year in new, and we think, unusually attractive form. Something suggestive of our usual."photographer in your town" advertising, yet somewhat different.

You can pave the way for your Easter advertising by starting now the selling talk : "Your friends can buy anything you can give them - except your photograph."

We claim no credit for this phrase - except that we recognized it as a selling power and lassoed it. We don't even know just where it originated, but if we can all get together and use it, it will make business for everyone in any way connected with photography. It's a classic. It ought to be set to music.