There's such a thing as too much system or too little system.

Too much system is like overeating - it slows up your machinery, while just the right amount has a stimulating effect.

The Eastman Studio System which is being exploited by the 1916 Eastman School of Professional Photography, is entirely new and has been devised by accountants who are thoroughly familiar with the business of the photographer.

It is a system that may be applied to the largest or smallest studio and found entirely practical with either. And while it is a simple system - one that is readily understood and requires the minimum of time and attention - it is remarkably efficient, because it fits a particular purpose and eliminates all unnecessary red tape.

Bookkeeping should never be complicated unless a business itself is complicated, and the business of the photographer is not. As a consequence, it has been found that the business of the studio can best be taken care of with a cash book and register cards, the other items of the Eastman system being incidental to these two.

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From Eastman Professional School Demonstration

The register card if properly filled out at the time an order is taken, gives all the information regarding the order and remains in the card index box which acts as a ledger. This box contains all unpaid customer accounts. The cards are placed in a transfer box when the account is paid and become a record of the negatives and orders.

Cash receipts and cash payments of any nature whatever, are recorded in the Cash Book, which is balanced each month. Fourteen separate columns, provided for receipts and payments, classify the items in such a clear manner that the condition of the business may readily be determined by making a statement according to instructions and forms which are provided in the back of the book. There are also pages for a monthly summary which makes it possible to compare the business for any month or period with the same month or period of a previous year.

The system includes a Shop Ticket which when properly filled out from the order on the Register Card, gives all necessary information for the operator, retoucher and printer and remains with the particular order until the work is completed.

There is also a Follow-Up Card to be used by the receptionist to keep track of prospective customers who have made inquiry regarding work. The idea is to follow up these inquiries with personal letters.

In all, the system is quite complete and is fully explained in a booklet showing examples of pages from the Cash Book covering a month's business, a summary of several months' business, as well as a statement showing the condition of the business and the net income or profit for a given time. This booklet of instructions is supplied with the Cash Books, which with the other items, may be had from your dealer.


Eastman Studio Register System, complete with Transfer Box and

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Eastman Studio Cash Book with

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From Eastman Professional School Demonstration