Wratten Safelights and Safe-light Lamps have introduced a dependable factor in the problem of properly and safely lighting the dark room. The lamps as well as the safelights themselves are constructed on scientific principles and produce a soft indirect light which evenly illuminates the glasses of the safelight.

The Kodak Safelight Lamp, constructed on the same principle as the larger Wratten Lamps, is the latest addition to the series. It will hold any of the 5 x 7 Safelights. Price, $3.00 complete, with one 5 x 7 safelight and cord. F. O. B. Rochester.

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From Eastman Professional School Demonstration

With the Safelight recommended for plates of any given degree of sensitiveness, the proper electric bulb and the lamp at the proper distance, one may work with perfect safety and still have a reasonable volume of light for developing plates or loading holders.

Safelights are made in six series as follows:

Series 00.

Yellow light for use with gaslight papers.

Series 0.

A bright orange color suitable for use with Bromide paper and lantern slides.

Series 1.

For use with ordinary, medium and extra rapid plates which are not color sensitive. Consists of yellow and orange coated glass with red paper between.

Series 2.

For use with extra rapid and Orthochromatic plates which are sensitive to green but not red. Consists of yellow and violet colored glass with deep red paper between.

Series 3.

This is the green safelight for use with the red-sensitive Panchromatic plate. It gives a faint illumination which grows quite strong as the eyes become accustomed to it. This safelight consists of yellow and green coated glass with green paper between.

Series 4.

Bright green safelight for use with ordinary plates, for those who are unable to use a red light such as the Series 1. Series 4 is

unsafe for Orthochromatic plates.

5 x 7 Safelights, any series, $0.50

8x10 " " " 1.00

12x15 " " " 2.00

F. O. B. Rochester.


Our illustrations are from Eastman School negatives and give a very good idea of the class of work that is being made at the school demonstrations.

Eastman Portrait Film is used in these home portrait demonstrations, the negatives being made by artificial light which is used from necessity rather than choice. However, the conditions which exist in the average home are very nearly duplicated and the methods of lighting and handling of subjects are very instructive.

The 1916 School offers more in the way of practical demonstrations than any previous school that has been sent out from Rochester, and the record breaking attendance is proof positive of the interest these demonstrations have created.

Several new features have been added to the portrait demonstrations, including posing and negative making of babies, children and groups of mother and children, wherever it is possible to secure subjects.

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There's a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N. Y.

In the demonstrations of commercial work the most practical and convenient apparatus is shown, explained and used, the most difficult subjects are prepared for photographing and the various new methods are shown and explained. Actual negatives are made, using the most approved methods for lighting difficult subjects, the resulting negatives being shown.

In the business lectures and demonstrations a practical business system for the photographer is a prominent feature. We think it is a most valuable offering. But there are valuable suggestions and ideas in every line of work, and it is decidedly worth your while to attend every lecture and demonstration.

Watch the dates and be prepared to take advantage of the school when it is in your locality.


As the name implies, Safelights used in connection with Safelight Lamps, make your dark room a safe place to handle and develop plates.

There's a Safelight that's safe for your particular use.