Next to Christmas and New Year's, Easter offers the greatest opportunity for business getting. Easter is in some ways even a more appropriate occasion for the gift of a photograph, because the Easter gift should carry more of sentiment than actual value - and nothing lends the personal touch of friendship so much as your photograph.

That's the idea that "There's a photographer in your town" advertising will convey to several millions of readers of the national magazines in April. The copy is slightly different from what we have used previously, because we have given it a bit of the season's atmosphere by introducing the Easter lilies (see page 7). But it is copy you can use and should use to let it be known that you are the photographer in your town.

You are probably now using the slogan we used in our march advertising: "Your friends can buy anything you can give them - except your photograph." Continue to use it alternating with this special Easter copy.

We have gone at this Easter advertising in a very forceful manner, using full pages in April Century, Cosmopolitan, Harper's, Scribner's and Everybody's; also quarter pages in McClure's, Hearst's, the Ladies' Home Journal, Woman's Home Companion, Collier's and Saturday Evening Post.Even the biggest advertisers would consider this a formidable array of big guns - a preparedness program to meet Easter competition that should make the heart of the most enthusiastic pro-advertiser glad.

What it means to you depends upon what you make it mean. You are going to get a certain amount of business directly or indirectly, due to this advertising. And if you use this Easter copy and use the slogan we gave you last month - use them in such a way that they will reach everyone in your town - you can expect a much larger share of the benefits of our advertising in addition to your own.

Put yourself in the place of any one of your prospective customers. You read the magazines and you see a good many things advertised that make a direct appeal to you. You also read the daily paper. Now suppose you see the same article that appealed to you in the magazine, advertised for sale by John Smith, whose store is on Main Street.

You will naturally go to John Smith to buy this article rather than hunt for some other merchant who may sell the same thing. And your advertising will connect up with our advertising in exactly this same way.


A new grade of Azo, A. A. (carbon) has just been added to the Azo line. This new grade is similar to Grade A but is coated on a stock of paper with a slight cream tint. While a radical difference is not noticeable in the black and white print, the sepia tones on A. A. have an additional warmth that many photographers consider desirable. A. A. Azo is made only in double weight and the one degree of contrast, Hard.

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