1 Each picture is to contain a figure or figures and is to be suitable for use as an illustration in advertising the Kodak or Kodak System of amateur photography.

2 Pictures may be of any size, but as they will often be reproduced in large size, large pictures will, everything else being equal, be given the preference.

3 PRINTS ONLY are to be sent for competition - not negatives.

4 Prints must be mounted but not framed. (Mounts should show about one inch margin.)

5 The winner of the first prize shall be awarded no other prize and no competitor shall be awarded more than two prizes. (This does not prevent a competitor from entering as many pictures as he may desire.)

6 Due and reasonable care will be taken of all non-winning prints and, barring loss or accident, they will be returned to their owners at our expense, but we assume no responsibility for loss or damage.

7 The negatives from which all prize winning prints are made are

to become the property of the Eastman Kodak Company, and are to be received by it in good order before payment of prize money is made.

8 Contestants who are awarded prizes must also furnish to us the written consent of the subject (in case of a minor, the written consent of a parent or guardian) to the use of the picture in such manner as we may see fit in our advertising, as per blank forms which will be furnished on application.

9 All entries should be addressed to Eastman Kodak Company,Advertising Department,Rochester, N. Y.

Entries from Canada should be sent to the Canadian Kodak Company, Toronto, Canada.

10 In sending pictures, mark the package plainly, "Kodak Advertising Contest," and in the upper left hand corner write your own name and address. Then write us, addressing "Advertising Department," and advise how shipment was made, mail or express, date, etc., and tell how many pictures you are sending.

11 The name and address of the competitor must be legibly written on a paper and enclosed in a sealed envelope in the same package in which the prints are forwarded. There is to be no writing on prints or mounts.

12 We will promptly acknowledge the receipt of pictures, and when awards are made will send each competitor a list of prize winners.

13 This contest will close November 1st, 1916, at Rochester, N. Y., and October 20th at Toronto, Can.


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By Pearl Grace Loehr New York, N. Y.

First of all, it should be remembered that these prizes are not offered for the sake of obtaining sample prints or negatives made with our goods. Merely pretty pictures, merely artistic pictures will not be considered. The pictures must in some way-connect up with the Kodak idea - must show the pleasure that is to be derived from picture taking, or the simplicity of the Kodak system, or suggest the excellence of Kodak goods. Must, in short, help to sell Kodak goods by illustration of some one of the many points in their favor.

The jury will be instructed to award the prizes to those contestants whose pictures, all things considered, are best adapted to use in Kodak advertising.As reproductions of the pictures will often be in small sizes, too much detail should not be introduced.Pictures for reproduction should be snappy - vigorous, for they lose much by the half-tone process.Where apparatus is introduced, it must be up-to-date. If you haven't the goods, you can borrow. Apparatus should also be in keeping. A 3A Kodak in the hands of a child is not a convincing combination.It is highly probable that we shall want to secure some negatives aside from the prize winners. In such cases special arrangements will be made.

The Judges

The jury of award will consist of photographers and of advertising men who are fully competent to pass upon the work submitted. Full attention will be paid therefore to the artistic and technical merit of the work as well as to its strength from an advertising standpoint.

Announcement of the names of the judges will be made later.

Accuracy is easy with an

Eastman Visible Graduate Hats Off!

In the April issue of Studio Light we announced, in connection with giving credit to Mr. Browne of Dallas and Mr. Cook of Stevens Point for phrases similar to "Your friends can buy anything you can give them - except your photograph," that we would again take off our hat when we found the originator of that precise phrase.

We haven't found him, but we have found a man that came mighty close to it and he seems to have antedated all of them.

Mr. B. P. Young of Carlisle, Ky., writes us that as the heading of his holiday advertisement in the Nicholis Advocate, for Dec. 20th, 1911, he used the line: "Give them something they can't buy."

Our hat is off to Mr. Young. Good thing the weather is getting warmer.


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Eastman Studio System

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By Pearl Grace Loehr New York, N. Y.

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Her Photograph

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The Proper way to prepare prints for the Majestic Print Dryer is to blot off surface water, place prints face down on the muslin - faced blotters, cover them with plain blotters, then roll and insert in the Dryer. The plain blotter is necessary to avoid marks from pressure of the corrugated board and with double weight prints it may be necessary to reduce the number of prints dried at a time.

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By H. C. Watton Oklahoma City, Okla.