In the March number of Studio Light we suggested an All-Hy-drochinon substitute for Elon or Metol developers for papers, as many photographers are entirely out of these chemicals and unable to obtain a further supply.

Most of the reports we have received indicate that this All-Hydrochinon developer has produced results practically as satisfactory as Elon or Metol developers.

There have been some complaints - some little troubles are always encountered in making so radical a change. However, the trouble has not been with the formula, it has been in the way it was used.

With the Elon or Metol developers there is a fairly wide range of temperature at which the developer will produce good results. With Hydrochinon this is not the case. Its latitude in this respect is very narrow.

The All-Hydrochinon developer we suggested gives the best result at 68 degrees. If the temperature goes over 70 degrees the prints will immediately become flat. On the other hand, if the temperature of the solution falls to 65 degrees or below that point, the developer works slowly and and the prints show too much contrast. And as the developer slows up there is naturally an inclination to over-expose prints and muddy green tones are the result.

Hydrochinon Results StudioLightMagazine1916 97


By Pearl Grace Loehr New York, N. Y.

It may seem an inconvenience to you to watch temperatures so closely, but present conditions cannot be altered. It is up to each worker to use care and secure the best results with the chemicals he has to work with.

It will be noticed that there is a larger percentage of carbonate of Soda in the All-Hydrochinon developer than has ever been used in any of the Elon or Metol developers and it has been found necessary to neutralize this large amount of alkali before the print goes into the fixing bath. If this is not done the alkali in the prints will soon neutralize the acid in the fixing bath and the results are much the same as though an old and over-worked bath were used. Stains will sometimes result, prints may soften and the fixing bath is soon in as bad condition as though it had been used for a long time.

The regular Short Stop Formula recommended for Artura: Water, 32 ounces, No. 8 Acetic Acid (28% Pure), 1½ ounces, should be used to rinse prints between developing and fixing. As this acid bath becomes neutralized it should be thrown away and a fresh solution prepared and used.

It is also important that the chemicals in this formula, as with all formulas, should be dissolved in the order named.By taking these precautions, All-Hydrochinon results will be found exceptionally satisfactory.

The 1916 Kodak Advertising Competition - $3,000.00 Cash

Ten Prizes, $100 to $1,000 Each for the Best Pictures tor Illustrating Kodak Advertising

Telling The Story

The backbone of our national magazine advertising is based on photographs that we receive through these annual competitions, pictures that tell of the charm of picture making by the simple Kodak method.

These pictures are not necessarily pictures made with Kodaks, but are pictures showing Kodaks or Brownies in action, pictures that suggest the delights of amateur photography.

They are not for sample print work, but are for illustrating advertisements, are for use in telling the story of the witchery of Kodakery.

The use of photographs as illustrations in advertising is growing steadily, rapidly. For the photographer who goes thoughtfully and carefully at it there is good money in making such pictures.There is a growing market. Our competitions offer to the photographer an interesting way of taking up such work. And the prizes are well worth while.

Telling The Story StudioLightMagazine1916 99


By Pearl Grace Loehr New York, N. Y.


First Prize..... $1000.00

Second Prize .... 500.00

Third Prize..... 350.00

Fourth Prize .... 250.00

Fifth Prize..... 200.00

Sixth Prize..... 180.00

Seventh Prize .... 160.00

Eighth Prize .... 140.00

Ninth Prize..... 120.00

Tenth Prize..... 100.00

The winner of the First Prize shall be awarded no other prize and no competitor shall be awarded more than two prizes.