You have last year's experience to profit by in handling this year's rush business, but there are things last year's rush business may not have taught you.

You may have handled last year's business very well - as efficiently as your equipment would permit, but you might have methods and equipment that would permit of even greater efficiency. Such a gain should enable you to handle more business with the same amount of effort as last year, but at a less expense per sitting.

You expect more business this year than last - you can influence some people to make early appointments by making this a strong point in your advertising, and still you will have the usual ninth hour rush.

If your studio equipment does not include a Sliding Ground Glass Carriage for Double Plate Holders you can begin your efficiency campaign right here. This attachment for the Century Studio Camera permits you to use regular view plate holders, twelve holders permitting you to make 24 exposures the full size of the plate or 48 exposures half plate size.

Here is a saving of time in loading and changing plates that is really worth while and will enable you to work faster at your camera.

There are several ways to speed up developing, all, of course, including some form of tank development. If you use the Eastman Plate Tank, two tanks are better than one, while if open tanks are used, there is no more efficient way of handling plates than with Core Developing Racks. The number of plates that can be handled at one time depends upon the size of the tanks and the number of racks used. The plates need not be touched from the time they go in the developer until they are dry, so the danger of scratches and finger marks is eliminated and spotting of negatives reduced to a minimum.Attention should be given to quick proofing so that proofs may always be delivered promptly. This will surely be the means of securing better orders.Retouching can hardly be speeded up unless you can teach your retouchers to use less lead and make every stroke of the pencil count. Too many negatives are over-retouched - too many good likenesses destroyed,all of which is a loss of time and possibly a loss of business.

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By G. E. Tingley Mystic, Conn.

If you haven't a modern printing machine, get one at once by all means - the Eastman or the Crown or the F. & S. Professional.and once your prints are made a Rounds Print Washer and Majestic Print Dryer will turn them out ready for mounting in an hour at most. You may say, "Why spend money for such apparatus when prints will wash well enough if stirred up occasionally and will readily dry over night?" But why not gain time, please customers and make room for other work by making prints in the morning and delivering them the same day?

The saving of a little time here or there does not seem much of itself, perhaps, but a saving of time on every operation at a busy time may double your producing capacity.Also, there is the saving of night work, which, though willingly done, makes every one of your employees less fit for their next day's work.Profit by last year's experience, buy the equipment that will increase the efficiency of each department, advertise to get more business and gain a reputation for prompt deliveries, and you will see a gain both in business and profits.