A man's personality is shown in many ways. It advertises him and his business, whether it is shown in his work, his personal manners, his stationery or direct advertising.

For the most part, we think of a photographer's personality as a part of his work - the individuality he puts into his portraits, that makes us say "That's Roe's work. I can recognize his style anywhere." Such a personality is an asset because we grant that it is a pleasing personality or we would not have become so well acquainted with it.

And if you never came in contact with Roe, personally, you might form an opinion of him from his direct advertising.

The average person who receives a neatly written letter from a photographer on dignified artistic business stationery will take it as an indication of the character of the writer's business. He will feel that the photographer's work is in keeping with his stationery and that any work he might have done would receive the same careful attention and be in as good taste.

Eastman Process Film

Eastman Process Film has all the advantages of the best Process Plates but none of their disadvantages. It will give any contrast up to the maximum and may be used in every instance where a process emulsion is desirable.

Eastman Process Film is especially suited for line work or other black and white copy where great contrast is necessary. At the same time when used for making positives the results are all that could be desired.

There are special advantages in Process Film for Photo Mechanical Processes, one of these being that one can print through the back of the negative when a reversed print is desired.

The film is a convenience in making positives for the Rotogravure Process as the positives secured on film may be cut to any size, reversed, when desired, and a page make-up secured with little trouble and in a fraction of the time required when plates are used.

In copying old, faded photographs, where there is little more than a yellow image, the proper exposure on a Process film will often give the best possible result. The film is not color sensitive and if the image is yellow it will photograph almost as clear and clean as though it was black.

Process Film may be used for making original negatives whenever contrast is desired and the subject will permit of the exposure necessary for the slow emulsion. Commercial photographers will find much use for this film in photographing labels, plans, documents, etc., in black and white and even in colors where it is not necessary to retain the color values.

Those who have become acquainted with the many conveniences of Eastman Portrait Film - its lightness, flexibility, non-halation properties, and the ease with which it is handled, will find Eastman Process Film of equal quality for all work requiring a Process emulsion.Prices are the same as for Eastman Portrait Film.

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By C. E. Arnold Dallas, Texas

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By C. E. Arnold Dallas, Texas