Window displays are probably more important during December than any other month of the twelve. The people who always come to you in December may come to you again, but there are a lot of people who seldom or never visit the photographer, but might, at this time, if the right sort of a display caught their eye and set them thinking of portraits of themselves.

Your display case is a fixture and if the pictures in it are not changed frequently they also become fixtures and fail to give the impression that things in your place are actually moving and new people are constantly being photographed.

More people shop in December than at any other time of year, more people are asking themselves the question "What shall I give?" and you have an opportunity to suggest an answer to that question the same as every other merchant in your town.

Pictures alone won't always do it, and the same pictures surely won't appeal to everyone alike. Then you will find that the same people will pass your display more often in December than in other months and they will look a second time if there is a new display to look at.

Window shopping is regularly practiced by those who have gifts to make and are looking for suggestions. And there are a number of excellent arguments you can use this year. Neat cards, well lettered, should remind the shopper that the soldier boys in the camps or "somewhere in France" will want pictures from home - that from the standpoint of economy, photographs convey the thought of friendship without imposing an obligation. Your portrait adds the personal touch to Christmas greetings and enables you to maintain your Christmas customs without extravagance.

There has been so much thought of the welfare of our soldiers and those of our allies - so much self denial by those who are working for their comfort, that the line, "Keep on with your knitting - let us make your Christmas gifts," suggested by Mr. Garrett, will appeal to every Red Cross worker. Twelve portraits make twelve of the most appropriate gifts and relieve the giver of a lot of shopping worries.

There is an opportunity such as you have never had before to display and sell leather pocket cases to hold the photographs that are being sent to the soldier boys. And there should also be a demand for these same cases for the fathers or brothers of the soldiers.

If father has a boy in the Army or Navy a bill-fold or photograph case will be prized by him. Father is proud of his boy, and though there may not seem to be so much sentiment on the surface, it is in that old heart of his, and the mere mention of his boy will bring it to the surface with a bound.

Change your displays more often in December than at any other time of year - use neat cards with good arguments for photographs as gifts - and don't be afraid to price some of the styles of pictures you display. You can always add - other styles, sizes and prices are shown in the studio, and you might advise those who examine your display that they will be welcomed as visitors in your studio.

The display case is seldom used to the very best advantage, but it is just as important a factor in your advertising as the merchants' windows and should be given the same care and attention.

Don't forget that it is equally important at New Year's and Easter. A New Year's display should be ready and in place by the time you have to turn away orders for Christmas delivery. Business doesn't necessarily stop at Christmas unless you allow it to, and this of all seasons should be a busy one.

The display should work at night as well as during the day, for there are a lot of busy people who have no other time to examine the Christmas window displays. The cost of lighting will be small compared to the actual advertising value secured.

Artura Print, From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Moffett Studio Chicago, Ill.

Artura Print, From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Moffett Studio Chicago, Ill.