When the great European war broke out and England began sending her young men to the help of France there was fear that the English photographers would have to close their shops. The young men employed in studios enlisted and business seemed to be doomed.

But soon it picked up and it was necessary to employ forces of girls to take the place of the men.

With the establishment of training camps the soldiers demanded photographs of themselves in their new uniforms for the folks at home.

And it was soon learned that there was room in the soldier's kit for pictures of the folks at home.

Instead of going out of business the English photographer found himself with more work than he could handle.

It was necessary to resort to artificial light and night work to keep up with sittings, and we learn from the English magazines of the precautions that were necessary because of military orders to prevent the lights being seen.

When Canada began sending her young men to help the mother country, "Business as Usual" became Canada's slogan, but business was soon better than usual for the photographer.

And so it will be with our photographers. The soldier or sailor in his new uniform will want photographs for the folks at home, and photographers everywhere will get their share of the business.

It takes a long time to train an army and you will find there will be soldiers all over the country. Your business will be better than usual if you make an effort to get the soldier's business.

Century Studio Outfits Advanced

Century professional studio cameras, outfits and apparatus have always been sold at prices consistent with Century quality.

For two or three years, however, one after another, improvements have been added and additional manufacturing expenses incurred until, with the greatly increased cost of material and labor, it has become necessary to make an advance in the price of Century Studio Outfits and some of the sundries of the Century line.

Considering the improvements that have been made in Century studio cameras, the convenience with which they are operated and the quality of workmanship and material which enters into their make-up, the new Century prices are still consistent with quality. Nothing has been slighted in their making or the material of which they are made. In fact, when it has been possible to add an improvement it has been added regardless of its additional cost. And while this policy has made an advance in price necessary, it has maintained the Century standard of quality in studio equipment. At the new prices, Century Cameras still offer the greatest values in quality and convenience that can be built into professional apparatus for the photographer.




Century Grand Studio Outfit complete



Century Universal Studio Outfit complete . . .



Century Studio Outfit No. 4 complete..........


Century Studio Outfit No. 7 complete..........


Century Studio Outfit No. 8 complete.................


Above prices f. o. b. Rochester, N. Y. Write your dealer for Canadian prices.

Photographers Attention

As the President of your National Association I feel it my privilege and duty to call your attention to existing conditions in these United States.

We, the people, through our President and Congress have found it necessary to declare that a state of war exists against the Imperial Government of Germany.

It is not for us to quibble over pros and cons - it is for us to stand by and uphold the actions of our Government in whatever manner we find it possible so to do.

Let us refrain from, and discourage petty criticisms of any actions taken by the men we have vested with the power to act for us, and in whatever way possible let us prove ourselves true and loyal citizens of the commonwealth in which we live.

Ryland W. Phillips, President of the P. A. of A.

Artura Iris Print, From Eastman Portrait Film Negative.

Artura Iris Print, From Eastman Portrait Film Negative.

Middle Atlantic States Convention Demonstration By W. B. Poynter, Cincinnati, Ohio.