The Executive Committee of the Photographers' Association of America met in Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 22, 23, 24 and 25, to discuss plans for the convention and the Association work for the year.

September 3 to 8 were selected as the dates for the coming convention. The auditorium, which is one of the finest convention halls in America, was selected for the meetings and exhibits. A large arena with over 22,000 square feet of space will be used for the exhibits of the manufacturers and dealers Several meeting rooms with capacity of 500 to 1,200 people will be used for demonstrations, meetings and the picture exhibit. All space necessary for the requirements of the convention will be found on one floor of this great auditorium.

The program will include the usual demonstrations and lectures.

The same plan regarding the picture exhibit will prevail as those which have maintained during the last two years.

Provisions will be made for a special exhibit of pictorial and illustrative photographs.

The entertainment features of the program are well taken care of. The entire afternoon of the second day of the convention will be given over to a "get-together" meeting where all formality will be broken down and each one will be given the opportunity of getting thoroughly acquainted with every other member attending the convention. It is also planned to have a banquet near the close of the convention.

From An Artura Iris Print By Campbell Studio New York.

From An Artura Iris Print By Campbell Studio New York.

The Women's Federation will be given a special number on the program and the officers of the Federation have promised to make every visiting lady feel at home and to assist in other ways to make the convention a success.

The following committees were appointed:


Simon L. Stein, Ben Larrimer,

W. H. Towles.


Simon L. Stein, C. L. Lewis,

Howard D. Beach.


George W. Harris, Ben Larrimer,

Alva Townsend.

Membership And Credentials

Will H. Towles, Waller Holliday, Clarence Stearns.

Ways And Means

Geo. Holloway, Cicero Reeves,

A. H. Diehl.


John I. Hoffman, Geo. W. Harris,

William H. Rau.


Simon L. Stein, J. B. Banks,

L. Austin.


J. C. Abel, Frank S. Noble,

Geo. W.Topliff, RichardSalzberger, Ernest Cramer, E. T. Long,

J. A. Dawes, J. A. Bangs,

L. Austin, J. T. Fenner,

J. A. Cameron.

J. I. Hoffman,