Hundreds of thousands we know - possibly a million of our men, over there, are waiting for the big drive that will lead them to victory. They are our boys and we have their welfare at heart, so much so that we do not hesitate to dig deep into our pockets to help any cause we know to be for their welfare.

The great American spirit back of the Red Cross, the Y. M. C. A. and similar organizations, has become the wonder and has excited the admiration of the world. All of these things help the morale of an army and navy - show that they have the solid backing of those at home. They represent a collective interest that is big and broad.

But the individual man over there wants all of these and something more. To be happy he must have the individual interest of those at home - their letters and their pictures - these will bring a smile to his face and a joy to his heart in the most trying times - and when all other means fail.

Our boys must have what they want, and we are making an effort to see that they get it - are making an advertising drive for it.

By the time this reaches you the big drive will be on. We will be reaching the public with one of the most forceful and timely pieces of advertising we have ever used.

As will be seen by the advertisement itself, which is reproduced on page 7, it is the kind of copy that will appeal to millions of loyal Americans who have boys in the service - and the results of this advertising will carry cheer to these boys in the trenches or on their way.

We have it directly from those who have been with the men in action, that the things they prize most are the pictures of the home folks which they carry with them always.

You are, no doubt, advertising for this business. If you are not, this is the time you should put forth your strongest effort to get it. If every mother or father of a boy in the service were to send photographs to that boy - and they all should - the photographer's business from this source alone, would be enormous.

We reached several million women with a similar advertisement in the April Ladies' Home Journal. The list of magazines which will carry the copy shown on page 7 is so large and the readers they will reach so nearly cover every walk of life that we will hope to reach the greater proportion of families that have been affected by the raising of our great army and navy.

With one or two exceptions the copy will appear as a full

Another Advertis Ing Drive StudioLightMagazine1918 99

Artura Print, From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative

By Emma Gerhard

Middle Atlantic States Convention page.

The list for June includes :


The American Magazine

Harper's Magazine

Scribner's Magazine

Country Life in America

National Geographic Magazine

Revieiv of Reviews

World's Work

Popular Mechanics


Red Cross

The New Republic

In addition to this, the same copy will appear in July


McClure's Magazine

Everybody's Magazine

Photo Play

Motion Picture

You could hardly reach the people in your own town that this advertising has reached and will reach, except by a house to house canvass - but you can make the advertising more effective, make your own advertising stronger and direct the resulting business towards your studio by following up this advertising with that of your own.

There should be a good business as a result, and a great satisfaction, it seems to us, will be in knowing that every picture that goes to France will make some one of our boys happy.

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