In the June number we suggested a chrome alum acid fixing bath for papers, and stated that the Research Laboratory was working out a similar fixing bath for films and plates.

The work is finished and the following formula has been found to be satisfactory in every way. It clears the negative, keeps the gelatine emulsion hard and has exceptionally good keeping quality.

The ingredients are the same as used in the fixing bath formula for papers but the proportions are considerably different. It is not practical, therefore, to use the same fixing bath for both kinds of material.

The formula is given for an eight gallon bath and this may very readily be reduced if smaller fixing tanks are used.

Chrome Alum Fixing Bath For Films And Plates

Water......... 5 gals.

Hypo .........21 lbs.

When thoroughly dissolved, add the following hardening solution while stirring briskly:

Chrome Alum Fixing Bath For Films And Plates StudioLightMagazine1918 154


By Geisler & Andrews New York, N. Y.

Water......... 128 ozs.

Sodium Bisulphite.....2 lbs.

Chrome Alum.......1/2 lb.

When the hardener has been added to the hypo solution, add enough water to make eight gallons.

This fixing bath is ready to use as soon as prepared and its fixing qualities are fully equal to those of the old standard Hypo-Acetic Acid fixing solution.

Clean Skylights

Photographers in large towns should make a point of removing the grime from the outside of their studio skylights at least once a year. The soot which is deposited during the winter reduces the amount of light admitted to a considerable extent. Indeed, the cleaning of the glass at this time of the year often has the effect of halving the exposures. It is sometimes argued that the grime acts as a diffuser, but it is obviously an advantage to have plenty of light and, if necessary, to cut it down by means of diffusing screens inside the studio 4 3/4 x6 1/2

Plates of this size have heretofore listed at 90 cents per dozen - out of proportion to the list prices on other sizes. Rising costs have compelled us to equalize on this size, and the new list price is $1.00 per dozen.

Our Illustrations

The success of the firm of Geisler & Andrews is, in a measure, due to whatever circumstance may have brought about the association in business of these two widely differing personalities: The Artist, intent only upon the production of artistic portraits, striving constantly for new and original effects, free to use his initiative, unhampered by business cares. The business woman, keenly alert, keeping in touch with the public as well as the business and making every piece of work bear its proper burden of expense and yield a profit.

Miss Andrews has had several years of photographic experience while Mr. Geisler has been well known to the profession for a number of years. Their business association dates from August, 1917, and in that short time their business has had a wonderful development.

They chose a desirable location, created an artistic atmosphere about the studio and have put so much of quality and personality into their portraits that they have secured the patronage of some of the best people from society and the stage.

The rapid success of this concern and the means that brought it about are noteworthy. Sound business principles, backed up by work of excellent quality and the

Our Illustrations StudioLightMagazine1918 156


By Geisler dt Andrews New York, N. Y.

use or the highest grade materials are factors that will insure the success of any photographic business.

Our reproductions will be of interest to our readers as they are representative of the work of the Geisler & Andrews Studio.