"And doing it he is, God bless him! We don't know his name, but our prayers are with him, and millions like him; and here's our hand, comrade, and everything that is back of it." - Detroit Saturday Night.

This is the way most of our young men do such things - they throw back their shoulders, buckle down to the task and do it, uncomplainingly. It is the brand of philosophy we are rightly proud of, and we should all have it, whether drafted or not.

Those of us who have not been drafted should not waste our time mourning the fact that age bars us from the draft or that dependents prevent us from volunteering for active service. If we can't do what our young men are doing with such commendable spirit, we should, nevertheless,do everything in our power to help those who will fight our battles for us.

Our Government has made an appeal to photographers for lenses suitable for aeroplane photography, and we have passed it on to our readers, stating as well as we knew how the urgent need for certain lenses for this important work of our aerial forces.

We have now received more definite information as to the need of lenses, since important tests have determined that certain lenses have been found most satisfactory. These lenses are therefore most urgently needed to insure the proper equipment of aero cameras that are being made an important part of the equipment of the flying forces sent to our armies in France.

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By The Luck Illustrating Co. Cleveland, Ohio

Lenses are not being drafted, as are our young men, but the same philosophy that causes the drafted man to throw back his shoulders with pride in the part he is playing should cause you to do your part as cheerfully.

The lenses which have been found most useful for the special requirements of the Signal Corps are:

Carl Zeiss Tessars Goerz Dogmars

Bausch & Lomb Zeiss Tessars

Zeiss Tessar by Ross of London

The above lenses of 8 1/4 to 24 inch focal lengths are those specially needed. If you have one of these lenses, you have, and should be glad that you have an opportunity to help your Government and your Army in its need. Other lenses are needed but these are specially needed.

We have also been informed and requested to advise the profession that the supplying of lenses to the Signal Corps has been turned over to the Equipment Division, care of Signal Equipment No. 33, 199 D St., N. E., Washington, D. C. All correspondence regarding lenses should be addressed as above.

We are also advised that there is no further need for condensing lenses.

The demand for foreign makes of anastigmats is as great as ever but the special need is for those mentioned above. We have been asked to lay special stress, not only on the photographer doing his own part, but on the excellent service he can render the Government by co-operating with other photographers and urging them to do their part as well.

Such service is looked upon by the Signal Department as the most sincere patriotism and is thoroughly appreciated.

Enlist your lens in the army - buy one of the thousands of lenses that are on the market and that will do your work equally well and you will have come to the aid of your Government in a way of which you may be proud.

A Poor Judge

The human hand is a poor judge of temperature, for one hand may tell its owner that a solution is real hot while another tells its owner that the same solution is but luke-warm.

A good thermometer shows temperature with uniform accuracy - from it you know if your bath is right, thereby saving many a batch of negatives and prints that would be ruined were you to trust to your hand alone to determine whether the developer is below or above 65 degrees or 70 degrees, as circumstances require.