The manufacture of the following brands of photographic dry plates will be discontinued owing to the fact that they are in every case paralleled by other of our brands that answer as well or better for the special work for which these plates have been used:

Seed 27 Gilt Edge Seed C. Ortho Seed Non-Halation Eastman Extra Rapid Standard Thermic Standard Panchromatic Standard Slow Ortho Standard Imperial Standard Extra

For years there was no better plate made than the Seed 27 Gilt Edge. It was the standard of quality - the ideal plate for portraiture, and there were those who thought it was folly to even try to improve upon a sensitive emulsion that was, seemingly, as nearly perfect as any one could expect it to be.

But the manufacturers of Seed Plates were not so easily satisfied. Just as every effort has always been made to maintain the quality and uniformity of Seed products, so had every possible effort been made to produce a better product.

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From A Portrait Film Negative

By The Luck Illustrating Co. Cleveland, Ohio

This was finally accomplished and the new plate was called Seed 30 Gilt Edge. It has even more quality than the Seed 27 and, as it is somewhat faster, it has come to be recognized as the most wonderful plate of the kind ever made and has almost entirely supplanted the Seed 27. There is no reason why Seed 27 Plates should not be discontinued when Seed 30 will do the same work and do it better. Seed 26 X will fill the wants of those who desire a somewhat slower working plate.

As a substitute for Seed Non-Halation, Seed Non-Halation L. Ortho will be found equally sat-factory and its orthochromatic qualities can be used to advantage when desired. The work of the Seed C. Ortho can be equally well handled by the Stanley Commercial, which is a plate of excellent qualities.

Eastman Extra Rapid plates are very similar to, and can readily be replaced by Standard Extra Imperial, which will require no special change in manipulation.

As emulsions of all plates are now equally hardened and adapted to conditions found in tropical climates there is no further need for the Standard Thermic.

As substitutes for the Standard Panchromatic and the Standard Slow Ortho the Seed Panchromatic and the Stanley Commercial will be found perfectly satisfactory. The Stanley Commercial is one of the best orthochromatic emulsions made and has proved its worth to every commercial worker who has given it a fair trial.

Owing to the similarity in the emulsions of the Standard Imperial and Standard Extra, the best qualities of both plates have been incorporated in a new brand to be known as Standard Extra Imperial. We feel sure that this new plate will be found equally satisfactory to the users of either of the former brands.

Discontinuing the above brands of plates and substituting those suggested, which will do the work equally well or better, will permit of a considerable conservation of manufacturing facilities at a time when such measures are most desirable and necessary.

Our Canadian readers are interested in some of these brands of plates, but it should be borne in mind that the plates discontinued or the substitutes suggested were never on the Canadian market.

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By The Luck Illustrating Co. Cleveland, Ohio