The National War Work Council of the Y. M. C. A. asks you to help furnish enjoyment and relaxation for our men in the camps and fighting zone.

You can't very well donate a motion picture play or a bit of vaudeville, but if you happen to have a set of lantern slides that are interesting you can and will do your part if you box them up and send them at once, prepaid, to Mr. J. A. Rawson, Jr., National War Work Council, Y. M. C. A., 347 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y.

Lantern slides are kept working continuously, are shipped from hut to hut, and from camp to camp and to the camps overseas until the slides you donate have been seen by a couple of million of men, all of whom are hungry for these pictures of familiar home scenes.

Of course, we wouldn't advise you to send slides of purely personal interest, such as the picture of Hank Peter's new barn, or anything of that sort, but lantern slides are usually made of subjects of general interest.

Whether these pictures be of Maine or of California, or North Dakota or of Georgia, they are wanted. And if they can be had from every state in the union, so much the better.

To the men who see them they will be home scenes, but to make them of greater general interest they should have titles. With titles, the slides may be readily grouped and made into travel lectures, the titles being read by the operator as the pictures are thrown on the screen.

You can readily imagine how the Frisco boys in France will feel when a good picture of Market Street, or the Ferry Building, or the Golden Gate, or any one of a thousand familiar California scenes is thrown on the screen in their Y. M. C. A. hut.

The same will be true of the boys from your section. Familiar scenes will carry a message of cheer to the boys from Indiana or Texas - from New York or Minnesota. Get your lantern slides together and send them at once - or if you have the negatives and not the slides, make them. Warmth for the hearts and minds of our men is needed as urgently as warmth for the body.

While mother and sister are knitting for the Red Cross, do your part by getting together all the interesting material you can find to keep the boys over there happy and to let them know you have their welfare at heart.

Send the slides, prepaid, with a note stating by whom they are sent, and you can be sure they will do much toward helping a million or so men to pack up their troubles during some of their rest or recreation periods.

"The Photographer in your town" advertising is going strong in the July magazines. Connect up with it in your local papers and get the business coming to your studio.