The unusual things encountered in photographic work are often the most interesting as well as the most difficult, but as each new problem is mastered the store of the photographer's knowledge and experience is increased.

The problem of photographing a luminous clock dial was put up to our Laboratory and the methods by which the photograph, shown above, was made will be interesting.

The object of the photograph was to determine the visual effect of the luminous figures and the result could not very well have been obtained by any other method than photography.

The dials were placed in the front frame of an ordinary copying camera. A square of cardboard was made to fit the opening. A circular opening was made for the dial which was fitted in closely so that no light could enter. The cardboard containing the dial was placed in the kit regularly used for holding the negative when making lantern slides.

A seven inch lens was used in the central compartment of the camera and as the light from the dial was too weak for satisfactory focusing a glass plate with lines on which to focus was first placed in the kit. The image was focused, the glass plate removed and the board holding the dial was inserted.

Care must be taken that the face of the dial comes in the same plane as the plate used for focusing.

A black cloth was placed over the front of the camera to exclude all light from without. The holder, containing a Seed 30 plate, was placed in position, the slide drawn and a black cloth placed over the back of the camera.

These precautions are advisable as the exposure required with a fast plate and open lens was 72 hours. The plate was developed in strong contrast developer and the prints made direct, no intensifying or retouching being necessary.

Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By C. L. Lewis Studios Toledo, Ohio.

Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By C. L. Lewis Studios Toledo, Ohio.

For Friends Overseas

The advertisement on the preceding page should appeal with special force to the thousands of recently returned soldiers who were once possible customers of yours, though you have missed their business while they were on duty in Europe.

A Veritable host of them have come home since the Armistice, among whom are many thousands who formed fast friendships in the British Isles. To cement the bonds of such friendships, one would go far to find more acceptable souvenirs than photographs at Christmas, for the hospitality of the Old Country people was deeply appreciated by the Canadian Boys, and many an Old Country family warmly received Canadian Cousins, whom they'd scarcely ever have seen had it not been for Britain's call to Canada.

The idea can be carried out effectively by working the sentiment of the magazine advertisements into your newspaper advertising, and a few well got-up prints in your show-case, accompanied by a neatly lettered card giving the pith of your message, will be directly productive of results.

Usually, it is a matter of no great difficulty to secure the names of returned soldiers in any locality, and a printed reminder, by means of a brief letter, will most surely create the interest and action you desire.