We told you last month of the eleven and one half million pages of advertising that would start working for you in September. It's working now and has been ever since that big list of magazines went on the news stands and into the mails.

You have seen it if you read magazines or if you merely glance through them. That page hits you squarely between the eyes. There isn't another page of advertising in any one of those magazines that is so compelling - that gets your attention with such a jolt and holds it with such a grip.

Now for the November drive.

We believe this copy is even stronger than that of last month. We show it, reduced in size, on page 5. As a full magazine page it will be bold and attractive. There is not too much to read and the mind is directed at once to the need of photographs and their appropriateness as Christmas remembrances.

Ten million copies of November magazines, each one containing this forceful argument for Christmas pictures, will reach magazine readers about the middle of this month, and most of these advertisements will cover an entire magazine page. It will help photography - will make business and it will bring it to you early to avoid the December rush, provided you also advertise.

We can tell millions of people why they should have photographs made. We can place the desire for pictures in their minds - can practically make sales, but we can't direct the buyer more definitely than we have in the line: "There's a photographer in your town."

The ten million circulation of this advertisement is distributed among the following magazines: - Full pages in November Vogue, Atlantic Monthly, Century, Harper's, Review of Reviews, Scrib-ner's, World's Work, Motion Picture Magazine, Everybody's, Metropolitan, McClure's, Saturday Evening Post; as one-quarter page in Ladies' Home Journal, Woman's Home Companion, Pictorial Review, Designer, Delineator, Woman's Magazine and a 224 line space in Life.

We have furnished the copy that we think will create the greatest desire for photographs as gifts at Christmas time. We have bought full pages in most of the magazines because we didn't want other advertisements to take the reader's attention. And we have selected the list of magazines in which we have bought space with the idea of reaching the classes of people who can afford to buy photographs and who are likely to spend some of their surplus for photographs.

This is as far as we can go. But you can go further and direct the buyer to your studio. For example, mother and father sit down for a quiet hour after dinner, mother with the Ladies' Home Journal and father with the daily paper. Mother reads our advertisement and says: "Henry, we must have some pictures made this year to give to the folks for Christmas and we should have them made early so we will be sure of getting them in good time."

"All right, mother, you make the arrangements. Smith is advertising now - just read one of his ads about making appointments before the rush, etc. I see his advertisements quite often, and I have seen good pictures he has made."

Both have seen good pictures other photographers have made, but Smith has asked for the business in his local advertising and more than likely Smith gets it.

National advertising will sell merchandise in your town, but supplemented by your advertising it will sell more and you will get a larger share of the business.