We have resumed the "There's a Photographer in Your Town" advertising and are going at it 11,500,000 strong the first month.

You have had a hard time filling orders - we have had a hard time filling orders, so we have only touched lightly on this advertising during the war. Just enough to keep the fact in mind that the soldier, as well as the home folks, needed pictures to keep him happy.

Now that business is good, we want to keep it good. If nothing more we want to keep it running on a line as nearly on a level with the peak as possible. The photographer's business used to go up and down with regularity and the peak was always reached at Christmas time. It was a quick jump from a slack business to a rush and it made the studio machine snort and strain to get the work out and keep everyone happy. But when you are busy and keep right on being busy you don't notice it so much when the extra work piles up a bit. You are in trim and you turn it out much more easily.

Business is good, so we are going to make a big advertising drive to keep it good and incidentally to get the Christmas business coming a little earlier than in previous years. That in itself will help you a lot. Photographers have been doing more of this kind of advertising of late years and the ones who have kept at it consistently have had good results.

You can't get Christmas business coming in September and October, however, so we are suggesting the exchange of photographs between friends in the advertising for these months.

We are beginning the campaign in the October magazines which are issued about the middle of September and are using the copy on page 5. This may seem to you a very skimpy use of words, but if you will study those four words - write the page full of words, if you like, and then boil it down, you will find you have not made a stronger argument for photographs at this season.

The vacation season is just ending and the schools are just opening and that is a time when friendships are made. What will do more towards keeping alive those friendships than a photograph? More words than are necessary to convey an idea are detrimental to an advertisement. If the idea can be expressed in a few words it will be read, provided it is displayed in a way that will attract attention, and we think those four words on a magazine page will attract any reader's attention.

The extent of this advertising is the next important thing. This copy will appear as a full page in the October Saturday Evening Post, Vogue, Atlantic Monthly, Century, Harpers, Review of Reviews, Scribner's, World's Work, Munsey's, Cosmopolitan, Everybody's; as one-quarter page in Ladies' Home Journal, Pictorial Review, Woman's Home Companion, Delineator, Designer, Woman's Magazine, and a 224 line space in Life.

The same ad will appear as a full page in the following widely read fiction magazines: Argosy, All Story, Ainslee's, Popular Magazine, Short Story Magazine, Adventure, People's Magazine, Detective Stories, Smith's and Top Notch.

To get results in big advertising you must get big circulation with the least possible duplication, and in this particular advertising it is necessary to reach all classes because all classes can and should buy photographs.

The combined circulation of the magazines in which this advertisement will have excellent display is approximately eleven million, five hundred thousand (11,500,000) copies.

But this is not all. There will be another big drive in the November magazines and at that time we will use Christmas copy and just beneath the line "There's a Photographer in Your Town we will add "And he's not as busy now as he will be in December."

The October magazines appear about the middle of September and the November magazines about the middle of October, so the Christmas advertising will appear at the time it will do your business the most good.

Obviously, you should follow up this publicity in your local papers if you would reap the greatest benefit. When people are thinking of photographs, make them think photographs again, and connect your studio with the thought.

September 1919 Vol 11 No 7 11 500 000 Circulation  StudioLightMagazine1919 198