An expert accountant called upon us recently to learn if our accounting department could give him any information as to the probable requirements of a number of his photographic clients. Considerable trouble had been experienced in his district in securing proper income tax reports from photographers, and a number of these photographers had appealed to this accountant to devise some business system for their protection which would enable them to make reports that would be satisfactory to the officials of the Revenue Department of the Government.

As the business of the photographer is entirely different from other lines of business and requires special accounting methods it was quite natural for this accountant to seek information from us rather than to blindly attempt to devise a special business method himself.

The methods which our accountants had devised, "System for the Photographic Studio," was shown to him and on looking it over he found it to be exactly the thing his clients required. A system that could be operated by anyone with little waste of time and energy, yet complete enough and simple enough to yield all the information necessary for the purposes required.

When it was learned that this bookkeeping system was actually on sale at the photographic dealer's store in his town, to whom we referred him, he was at a loss to understand why photographers, a dozen or more of them, in fact, had employed him to do the very thing which had been done for them at no expense whatever.

There was nothing for him to do but recommend the system which had been specially devised for the photographers' use. Possibly he explained its use much as it is explained in the instruction booklet, for he may have felt ashamed to take his fee otherwise.

Aside from the necessity for a clear and concise statement of your business affairs in your Income Tax Reports, however, you need a thorough knowledge of your business that will enable you to know its strong and weak points if you expect it to grow and thrive and pay you the profit it should.

Be a good photographer, take a pride in the work you are doing, but be a good business man as well and take a pride in the efficiency with which your business is conducted. The combination of the two will put more dollars of profit in your pocket.

System In Business StudioLightMagazine1919 195Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By C. L. Lewis Studios Toledo, Ohio.

Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By C. L. Lewis Studios Toledo, Ohio.