HAVE you been watching the display windows of the merchants of your town?

I have noticed of late that a great many of them are displaying fall styles. "Advance showing of fall styles" is the way the display cards read. But those displays will, it seems to me, have a psychological effect upon the customers of those stores that will be good.

People may not rush into the store in August and buy fall hats and suits, and again those who can afford them, may buy them and wear them the first cool day.

But even if the goods do not have a ready sale there is an impression created. The store is set down as being progressive - up to the minute; and the manager or proprietor is thought of as a man who is a leader, not a follower.

It is not possible to draw quite as definite lines in photographic styles as in wearing apparel styles but it is possible to make decided changes in the appearance of your portraits. And, in a measure, you can actually change the style of work you are doing if you have originality and realize the importance of such a change.

You can change the sizes and proportions of your prints. You can completely change the appearance of your mounts and folders. You can introduce entirely new effects in backgrounds and accessories. You can materially change your lightings, you can use Diffusion Disks for soft effects and you can actually show new paper surfaces occasionally.

Why not then go to the trouble necessary to give your portraits a completely new dress for the fall and winter season? Why not go into the matter thoroughly and make the change one that is really noticeable?

Plan the new styles carefully. Get in touch with the merchant who sells the most stylish gowns and hats and get permission to photograph these on attractive models. You can make some sittings for the merchant but you must think first of attractive portrait samples for your display case. The new styles in hats and gowns will emphasize your new styles in portraiture. The summer styles in hats and gowns would not fit in at all with the idea of fall styles in photographs. And rest assured a woman knows styles, so don't choose costumes for your models without consulting the woman who knows.

It would not be policy to make your samples look too much like fashion pictures. You are not photographing hats and gowns - you are making samples of portraiture and you merely want to be sure your models are properly attired so that your fall styles will look the part.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Miss Peggy Stewart Canandaigua, N. Y.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Miss Peggy Stewart Canandaigua, N. Y.

As to the materials that will add a note of newness there is no paper that will give you so much of quality and at the same time such freshness and charm - such a pleasing individuality to your work as the "Old Master" surface of Vitava Athena paper.

Add to this a new and distinctive mounting such as will be found in the fall styles of the Taprell, Loomis line and you will have created such a change in your portraits that you will find you have enthusiasm enough in your new work to advertise it and make sales on the strength of its newness.

Such a display with advertising suggesting photographs as a solution of the gift problem and the personal suggestion to prospective sitters when they are in the studio will help to get your holiday business started early as well as bring you immediate business.