IN order to standardize exposures in photographic work of any nature it is necessary to use some form of artificial light that will be of uniform strength.

The Eastman Floodlight is designed as an illumination unit for copying or commercial work or as an auxiliary light in studio or home portraiture. As will be seen by our illustration the stand is adjustable and may be extended to a height of 8 feet 6 inches making the light itself about 9 feet high. When closed the stand measures 26 inches in length and weighs a little over three pounds.

The Floodlight Set Up Ready for Use.

The Floodlight Set Up Ready for Use.

The Floodlight takes a 500 watt Mogul base lamp, which is not supplied, and the complete unit, ready for use, weighs 5 pounds.

While this light in itself may not be strong enough for the main source of illumination in portraiture, it will be found an excellent means of supplementing the regular 1000 watt lights that are generally used for portrait work.

It is also an excellent piece of equipment for the commercial photographer who is often called upon to do work away from the studio. It is easily carried about and will be found very useful in factories or other places where there is not a sufficient amount of concentrated illumination.

Two of these Floodlights make an ideal light equipment for copying or for photographing small objects in the commercial studio.

The price of the Eastman Floodlight complete with 5 feet of heavy electric cord and plug but without lamp is $20.00. Order one or two from your dealer and be prepared for any emergency.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Frank Scott Clark Detroit, Mich.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Frank Scott Clark Detroit, Mich.

No. 3 Eastman Film Sheaths

WHILE the most simple and convenient means of using professional film is in Eastman Film Holders there are those who also like to make use of plate holders, or who are using film for the first time and wish to be convinced of the advantages of film before changing to film equipment.

The new Eastman Film Sheaths No. 3 will not only hold the film flat from side to side and from end to end but they adapt film to any form of holder that is made for glass plates.

They are light in weight but are very rigid. They may be placed in holders and in the majority of holders may remain there permanently as the film may be slipped into the sheath while it is in the holder. One end and both sides of the sheath are turned over, forming a groove into which the film slips and which holds it in place.

An important feature of this sheath is the fact that the turned edges are slightly tipped so that the film as it slides into the groove is made to hug the back and lie flat in the sheath.

No 3 Eastman Film Sheaths StudioLightMagazine1922 280

The new No. 3 Eastman Film Sheath is made in three sizes at the following prices:

5 x7 ....... $ .20

6 1/2 x8 1/2........25

8 x 10........30