1. Meaning of words and phrases.

Chapter 2. Creation And Jurisdiction Of Courts Of Bankruptcy


2. Courts of Bankruptcy.

Chapter 3. Bankrupts


3. Acts of bankruptcy.

4. Who may become bankrupts.

5. Partners.

6. Exemptions of bankrupts.

7. Duties of bankrupts.

8. Death or insanity of bankrupts.

9. Protection and detention of bankrupts.

10. Extradition of bankrupts.

11. Suits by and against bankrupts.

12. Compositions, when confirmed.

13. Compositions, when set aside.

14. Discharges, when granted.

15. Discharges, when revoked.

16. Co-debtors of bankrupts.

17. Debts not affected by a discharge.

Chapter 4. Courts And Procedure Therein


18. Process, pleadings and adjudications.

19. Jury trials.

20. Oaths, affirmations. 21. Evidence.

22. References of cases after adjudications.

23. Jurisdiction of United States and State Courts.

24. Jurisdiction of Appellate Courts.

25. Appeals and writs of error.

26. Arbitration of controversies.

27. Compromises.

28. Designation of newspapers.

29. Offenses.

30. Rules, forms and orders.

31. Computation of time.

32. Transfer of cases.

Chapter 5. Officers, Their Duties And Compensation


33. Creation of two offices.

34. Appointment, removal and districts of referees.

35. Qualifications of referees.

36. Oath of office of referees.

37. Number of referees.

38. Jurisdiction of referees.

39. Duties of referees.

40. Compensation of referees.

41. Contempts before referees.

42. Records of referees.

43. Referee's absence or disability.

44. Appointment of trustees.

45. Qualifications of trustees.

46. Death or removal of trustees.

47. Duties of trustees.

48. Compensation of trustees, receivers and marshals.

49. Accounts and papers of trustees.

50. Bonds of referees and trustees.

51. Duties of clerks.

52. Compensation of clerks and marshals.

53. Duties of attorney general.

54. Statistics of bankruptcy proceedings.

Chapter 6. Creditors


55. Meetings of creditors.

56. Voters at meetings of creditors.

57. Proof and allowance of claims.

58. Notice to creditors.

59. Who may file and dismiss petitions.

60. Preferred creditors.

Chapter 7. Estates


61. Depositories for money.

62. Expenses of administering estates.

63. Debts which may be proved.

64. Debts which have priority.

65. Declaration and payment of dividends.

66. Unclaimed dividends.

67. Liens.

68. Setoffs and counterclaims.

69. Possession of property.

70. Title to property.

71. When act shall take effect.

72. Indexes, etc, by clerks.

73. Express limitation on fees.

An Act to establish a uniform system of bankruptcy throughout the United States.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.