151. May an alien own real estate?

152. May a minor dispose of his real estate? be grantee in a deed?

153. What capacity bad a married woman at common law to own real estate?

Chapter Twenty-One

154. Enumerate and define the old English deeds.

155. What is a warranty deed? A purports to convey Black-acre to B by warranty deed. A does not own Blackacre, but subsequently X, the owner, conveys to A. Has B, without more, good title? Why?

156. What is the effect of a quit claim deed?

157. What is the mission of a release deed?

Chapter Twenty-Two

158. A makes a deed to his brother, and it is found among A's effects at his death. His brother did not know the deed had been made out. Has B title by virtue of the deed? Why?

159. What is, and what is the purpose of, delivery in escrow?

160. Is acknowledgment essential to the validity of a deed?

161. Why does the statute provide for acknowledgment of deeds?

162. When will acceptance of a deed be presumed?

163. What is the purpose of recording laws? Are deeds valid without record?

Chapter Twenty-Three

164. Does the law permit a seller of real estate to restrict the use thereof by the grantee?

165. What is the difference between a covenant and a condition as to the use of land?

166. A, owning a plat of land, subdivides it into lots and streets, and places a building line restriction on every lot. A sells Lot 1 to M and Lot 2 to N. Can M enforce the restriction as against N?

167. How may a restriction be lost or waived?

Chapter Twenty-Four

168. Define "testator"; "intestate"; "devisee"; "legatee"; "distributee" ; "personal representative"; "executor"; "administrator."

169. What is a "canon of descent" ? If A dies (a) leaving children; (b) leaving a widow, but no children; (c) leaving no widow or children, but brothers and sisters; describe generally in each case who gets his real estate.

170. What important distinction did the common law make between the course of descent of real and of personal property?

Chapter Twenty-Five

171. What is a holographic will? A nuncupative will?

172. Can a minor make a will?

173. A is an old man in his dotage, unable to carry on his business. Has he capacity to make a will?

174. What is undue influence?

175. A is a believer in spiritualism and in his will makes a gift to a leader in spiritualism. His heirs try to have the gift avoided on the ground that (a) this leader had undue influence over the testator; (b) that testator was a victim of insane delusion; will either contention prevail? What would have to be shown?

176. What is incorporation by reference? State what was held in Bryan's appeal, and why.

177. A made a will and asked B to sign it. B took it into an adjoining room, signed it and brought it back to A. C, the other witness, took the will home and there signed it and brought it back to A, saying, "This is my signature." Is the will properly witnessed by either witness?

178. What is a "residuary" clause?

179. A makes a will giving B a legacy of $1,000. He tells B of this and hands B the will. Before A's death he makes another will attempting to revoke the first will. Has he a right to do this?

180. If a will is lost or destroyed, does that make it inoperative (assuming its contents can be proved) ?

181. Does subsequent marriage by a man or woman revoke his or her will? birth of child?

182. If A makes a will and then a second will, does the second necessarily revoke the first?

183. In what other ways may a will be revoked?

Chapter Twenty-Six

184. What are "letters of administration"? "letters testamentary"?

185. Who is entitled to act as an executor?

186. May one be an executor who is (a) relative, (b) beneficiary, (c) creditor, (d) witness to will?

187. Must an administrator give bond? an executor?

188. How is heirship established?

189. How is a will proved?

190. What is an inventory? a widow's award?

191. Does an executor get title to real estate of deceased? to personal property ?

192. Same question as to an administrator.

193. Is an executor entitled to vote corporate stock belonging to the estate?

194: Does the executor or administrator take title to partnership assets?

195. If life insurance is payable to a named beneficiary, does same constitute assets of the estate?

196. Can the personal representative sue where deceased could have done so?

197. What is the general rule in respect to nature of investment by an executor?

198. In case it is necessary to sell real or personal property to pay debts, which will be sold preferably to the other?

Chapter Twenty-Seven

199. What is the usual practice in the sale of real estate?

200. What is a "merchantable" title?

201. Should a contract to purchase real estate be recorded?

202. What is a meridian line? How many are there?

203. What is a base line? a range line? a township?

204. What is a section? How many acres does it contain?

205. What is an abstract? a guaranty policy?

206. What is the "Torrens' System"?

207. If A has a contract with B whereby A is to sell B real estate, and A will not convey, can B compel him to do so, or must he sue for damages?