88. Is a judgment against a debtor provable in the event of his bankruptcy ?

89. B having a lease from A with monthly rental payments goes into bankruptcy. Can B prove the subsequently accruing installments ?

90. A and B enter into a contract whereby B agrees to sell goods to A. B fails to perform and A claims damages. B disputes A's claim and argues that even if A has a claim, it is not as great as A has estimated. B goes into bankruptcy. Has A got a provable claim? Has the bankruptcy court power to determine the validity and amount of B's claim.

91. B negligently operates his automobile whereby he injures A.

B then goes into bankruptcy. Has A a provable claim against B's estate ?

92. How are claims proved in bankruptcy?

93. What is meant by allowance of claims?

94. Can a secured creditor prove his claim? Does he lose his claim by not proving it?

95. What is meant by saying a claim has "priority"?

96. What are the first class of claims having priority?

97. What is the next class?

98. The third class?

99. Suppose there is only enough in the estate to pay costs of administration. Would such costs come ahead of taxes?

100. B goes into bankruptcy owing $5,000 as wages to his employees. There is enough in his estate to pay all costs of administration, etc., and enough to pay his help, but nothing will then be left for general creditors. Do the employees take all the estate? Under what conditions. (If the general creditors got nothing at all would these debts be discharged?)

101. What is the next class of priorities?

102. Who is a preferred creditor? How does he differ from a priority creditor? If a preferred creditor is compelled to give up his preference can he prove his claim? If he can not be made to give up his preference, can he prove up on the balance of his claims?

103. When should dividends be paid on a bankrupt estate?

104. What is a composition in bankruptcy? Its purpose? Conditions of its offer? Of its acceptance?

105. B goes into bankruptcy owing A $1,000. A owes B $1,000. Can A keep the $1,000?

Chapter Eight

106. State in a summary way chief duties of bankrupt in respect to the administration of his estate.

107. What is bankrupt's duty to submit to examinations?

108. Has he a right to refuse to answer any question? What result may follow his refusal?

109. What are the offenses created by the bankruptcy act?

110. To what exemptions is the bankrupt entitled?

111. What must he do to get his exemptions?

112. What right has a debtor to convert his non-exempt into exempt property?

Chapter Nine

113. What is the importance of obtaining a discharge in bankruptcy?

114. Within what time must bankrupt apply for his discharge'?

115. How is application for discharge made?

116. How are objections to discharge made?

117. B, a debtor, keeps no books of account. He is thrown into bankruptcy. Will his failure to keep books prevent him from getting a discharge? Explain fully.

118. B, desiring to purchase goods from A, is requested by A to furnish a statement of his assets and liabilities. B does so and the same is false. B goes into bankruptcy. Can C oppose discharge on the basis of the statement made by B to A?

119. Enumerate the other grounds of discharge.

120. What is the general rule as to debts that are dischargeable?

121. If a debt is not provable, does bankruptcy affect it?

122. B goes through bankruptcy. His estate has no assets. Are B's taxes discharged by the proceedings?

123. B obtains property from A on credit by representing he is solvent when in fact he knows he is insolvent. Is B's debt to A discharged by B's discharge in bankruptcy?

124. B so carelessly drives his car that he runs over and seriously injures A. A gets a judgment against B. B then files his petition in bankruptcy and gets his discharge. B proved his claim and got 15 per cent in dividends. Is A's judgment discharged by B's discharge ?

125. B assaulted A. A gets a judgment and B goes through bankruptcy. Is A's claim barred by B's discharge?

126. B collects money for A and misappropriates it. Is B's liability to A discharged by his subsequent discharge in bankruptcy?

127. Is alimony dischargeable?

128. B goes into bankruptcy and forgets to schedule A as his creditor. Under what circumstances would A's debt be not discharged ?

129. B was discharged in bankruptcy. He wrote a letter to A after his discharge saying "You will be paid in full." Can A hold B on the claim?

Chapter Ten

130. Define Indebtedness; mature indebtedness; immature indebtedness ; secured; unsecured; general indebtedness.

131. Define a lien. What various kinds?

132. What are the usual provisions of a chattel mortgage?

133. How does a chattel mortgagee protect his lien?

134. What is a conditional sale and how are rights of the vendor protected?

135. What is a pledge? What property may be pledged?

136. What are the "common law liens"? What is meant by saying they are possessory liens?

137. What is a mechanic's lien?

138. What are judicial liens?

Chapter Eleven

139. What is a fraudulent conveyance? What two kinds? May future creditors object?

140. What are badges of fraud? Enumerate.