In preparing this work the object has been to present the general principles of the law of contract clearly and concisely, with proper explanations and illustrations, - not to make a digest. There has been no attempt to be original for the mere sake of originality. Statements of rules have been freely taken from recognized authorities. So much use has been made of Sir William Anson's and Mr. Leake's works, that acknowledgment has not always been made in the notes. A general acknowledgment is therefore made here. Where matter has been obtained from other sources it has been duly acknowledged.

Nearly 10,000 cases have been cited. Every one of them has been personally examined, and is cited because in point, - not because it has been cited by some other writer, or in some other case, or because it is found in the digests. A few cases have been cited for their valuable dicta, or because they collect and discuss the cases, but in most instances the cited case will be found to embody an actual decision directly in point. Where a number of decisions have been cited to the same point, the leading cases and those best illustrative of the principle involved have been cited first.

St. Paul, Minn., November 15, 1S94. W. L. C, Jr.

This volume contains Key-Number Annotations

That is to say, for every point of law which is stated or discussed in the text, and in support of which eases are cited, there is added to the author's note a citation to the Key-Number section or sections in the Decennial Digest or in the Key-Number Series, under which all cases directly involving that point have been digested. A similar citation to the Century Digest is given, except where the principle involvad is one on which no case law existed prior to 1897.

Clark Cont.(3d Ed.) (xii)†