In preparing the present edition the editor has had the benefit of suggestions made by many instructors who have used Mr. Clark's book in the classroom. Some new matter has been added, which has led to the condensation of portions of the original text; and some cases formerly cited have been omitted to make room for more recent cases, but the editor has endeavored to retain all leading cases cited by Mr. Clark. The chapters on Agency and Quasi Contracts, although perhaps somewhat beyond the scope of an elementary book on Contracts, have been retained with little change, for the benefit of schools which do not make these topics the subjects of separate courses.

The publishers have adopted the device of printing in bold type the names of cases cited in the notes which are found in certain of the collections of leading cases. The cases so printed are to be found in Hopkins' Cases on Contracts, Langdell & Williston's Cases on Contracts, Williston's Cases on Contracts, Huffcut & Woodruff's American Cases on Contracts, Keener's Cases on Contracts, and Keener's Cases on Quasi Contracts.

St. paul, June 3, 1904. Francis B. Tlffany.