The object of the editor in preparing this edition of Mr. Clark's work has been to make a careful revision of both text and notes. In the text, a few changes have been made, as, for example, in the passages treating of offers under seal, consideration, and releases. Numerous additions have also been made, the most important of which have been for the purpose of a more adequate treatment of subjects of recent development, such as contracts in restraint of trade or tending to the establishment of monopoly. The notes have been expanded, and have been increased in number to the extent of about twenty per cent. In all, about one thousand new cases have been cited. These consist principally of cases decided since the publication of the second edition, and have been selected, not for their cumulative effect, but because they support new text, or contain statements of new principles or valuable discussions of old ones. Cases the names of which are printed in bold type are those found in Throckmorton's Cases on Contracts, which was prepared especially for use with this work. Appended to the notes are citations to the sections of the Century Digest and the Decennial Digest (Key-No.), where may be found exhaustive collections of cases in point. The chapter on Agency has been omitted, as that topic is now the subject of a separate course in practically all law schools. It has been thought wise, however, to retain the chapter on Quasi Contracts, principally for the benefit of the large number of schools which, as yet, have no separate course in that subject.

Bloominqton, Ind., January 24, 1914. A. H. T.