Agreement made of........, between........of........, hereinafter referred to as the Distributor, and........of........, hereinafter referred to as the Producer, Witness-eth:

1. (a) The Producer hereby agrees to produce and deliver to Distributor..........(..) feature photoplays in not less than.........(..) nor more than..........(..) reels averaging..........(..) feet per reel in length. Each of said photoplays shall be of a high standard of production in respect of acting, action, production, photography, settings, locations, costumes and other details. None of said photoplays shall be of a morbid, gruesome or offensive character, nor shall they


depict action with a class, sex, or sectarian appeal. (// a standard and quality can be agreed on, the following might be added: Each of said photoplays shall be equal in standard and quality to the standard and quality of the photoplay entitled........

with which both of the parties hereto are familiar.)

(b) Two original negatives and one good positive print from each, together with at least.......

(..) still photographs representing different scenes in each photoplay, including the negative film plates of such still photographs, shall constitute a feature unit, and the same are hereinafter referred to as "Feature Unit."

(c) The feature unit for the first of said........

(..) photoplays shall be delivered to Distributor on or before..........., and feature units of the succeeding photoplays shall be delivered at intervals of not less than........(..) months and not more than........(..) months until feature units of........(..) photoplays shall have been delivered

(d) Each of the original negatives and all parts thereof of the respective photoplays when delivered shall be complete; - wholly original and in no part duped negatives; - fully titled and subtitled; and assembled in the proper sequence of scenes and parts. Each negative shall be delivered to Distributor, carefully packed in tin cans, containing not less than........(..) nor more than

........(...) linear feet, and not wound on reels, and due precaution shall be taken in packing to prevent scratching or other injury to said negatives by friction or otherwise, and each can of negative shall be distinctly labeled:



PART ... OF REEL NO. ...

Each of said original negatives shall be free from scratches, finger-marks, static, or improper devel-

Feature Unit.

Time of Delivery.


opment and shall be framed uniformly throughout, and in the event that any of the negatives delivered by the Producer to Distributor fails to conform to any of the provisions of clause one of this agreement, the Producer agrees to do all things necessary to make the same meet the requirements of this clause of this agreement at his own expense. Each negative when delivered shall be accompanied by a complete title sheet.

(e) The Producer further agrees to deliver to Distributor with each feature unit all of the cutout parts of the said negatives in addition to the negatives as assembled, such cut-out parts to be delivered to Distributor, packed separately from the assembled negatives and labeled accordingly.

(f) All negatives delivered hereunder shall remain in Distributor's custody and possession during the entire period of exploitation of the respective photoplays, but said negatives shall remain the property of said Producer and shall be returned to said Producer at the expiration of the period of exploitation of the respective photoplays.

(g) The positive prints of each photoplay shall be delivered, cut and assembled in proper sequence, conformed to the negatives, with finished main titles and sub-titles, ready for projection on a motion picture screen, with all parts carefully cemented together. All positive prints shall be delivered to Distributors packed in tin cans, and due precaution shall be taken in packing to prevent scratching or other injury to the same. Each can of positive shall be distinctly labeled:



PART ... OF REEL NO. ...

(h) The Producer agrees to cause the numbers appearing on the selvage edge of all Eastman negative film indicating the footage of the film,


Custody of Negative.

Print Requirements.

Selvage Number.

to be printed on the corresponding selvage edge of the positive print of the respective negative.

(i) The aforesaid positive prints, together with all positive prints manufactured by Distributor from the negatives of each photoplay, shall be and remain the absolute property of Distributor, but all positive prints of said photoplay shall be scrapped or destroyed immediately upon the withdrawal of same from circulation.

(j) The set of still photographs shall consist of a minimum of........(••••) different scenes in each photoplay, made on gelatin negative, size eight by ten inches, and arranged in the order of their sequence in the photoplay. Each still photograph shall be accompanied by a title descriptive of the scene in the photoplay depicted. Said set of still photographs shall contain at least........

closeups showing the most dramatic incidents in the photoplay and shall also contain several close-ups of the leading members of the cast in the characters personified by such artists.

(k) Delivery of the feature units shall be made as follows:

1. The negatives shall be delivered to Distributor at........or at such other place in the United States as the Distributor may from time to time designate to the Producer in writing.

2. The positive prints and still photographs shall be delivered to Distributor at its home office in..........

2. (a) Distributor shall have the right to cut, edit, change, re-arrange or eliminate any of the scenes in any of said photoplays at its discretion and shall have the right to change the title or change or eliminate any of the sub-titles in said photoplay.