(b) The main title of each photoplay shall carry the seal of approval of the National Board of

Ownership of Prints

Still Photographs.

Place of Delivery.

Cutting and Censorship.

Review. The Producer agrees that should the National Board of Review or similar institution of national character, after reviewing any of said photoplays, require changes to be made, necessitating re-takes, it will make such re-takes at its own expense.

3. (a) The Producer hereby grants and conveys unto Distributor the sole and exclusive right to lease, license, exhibit, exploit, distribute, traffic in, or otherwise dispose of each of the aforesaid photoplays throughout the entire world for a period of..........(..) years immediately following the date of delivery to Distributor of the respective feature unit; together with the sole and exclusive right to manufacture or reproduce or cause to be manufactured or reproduced positive prints of the negative of each of said photoplays or any duplicate or reproduction of each such negative or any production based upon the same plot or theme, together with the sole and exclusive right to use during said period of.......

(..) years the title by which the respective photoplay is known or identified.

(b) The Producer hereby agrees that it will not exhibit, exploit or distribute or cause or permit the exhibition, exploitation or distribution of any of the said photoplays in the aforesaid territory or any part thereof, and the Producer further agrees that it will take all necessary steps, by litigation or otherwise, to prevent the exhibition, exploitation or distribution of any prints of any of the aforesaid photoplays in the said territories by any person, firm or corporation other than the Distributor, during the term of this agreement.

4. The Producer hereby represents and warrants that it has acquired, or will, prior to the date of the delivery of the respective feature units, acquire the sole and exclusive motion picture rights for the entire world in the book, story,

Exploitation Rights.

Motion Picture Rights in Story.

scenario, or literary composition upon which each of said photoplays is based and from which it shall have been produced, and warrants that no part of the said photoplay will violate or infringe the trade-mark, trade-name, copyright, literary, artistic, or dramatic right, or the personal, private, civic, or property right, or the right of privacy of any person, firm or corporation, and the Producer agrees at its own expense to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Distributor from any claim or demand, whether justified or unjustified, which may be made, held or asserted against the Distributor, its lessees or licensees, whereby it is claimed, alleged or asserted that the exercise by Distributor, its lessees or licensees to the fullest degree of any of the rights hereby granted to Distributor infringes or violates any of the rights included and specified in the foregoing warranty. The Producer further agrees that Distributor shall have the right to participate in the defense of any such action or actions and hereby agrees to reimburse the Distributor for any necessary expenses incurred by the Distributor in the defense thereof.

5. (a) Distributor hereby agrees to cause to be manufactured from the negatives of each photoplay delivered hereunder, such number of first class positive prints, not less than..........(..) and not exceeding..........(..) as in Distributor's opinion shall be necessary to properly exploit the respective photoplay in the United States of America, and such number of positive prints as may be necessary to fulfill the requirements of Distributor's agents or correspondents in the Dominion of Canada and foreign countries.

(b) Distributor hereby agrees to release and exploit prints of said photoplays in the United States of America within........(..) days after the delivery of the feature unit thereof to the Distributor.

Number of Prints.

Period and Method of Exploitation.

(Alternative Provisions)

(1) Distributor agrees to exploit said photoplays through its franchise holders in the United States of America in accordance with the terms of its franchises, and in places where it has no franchise holders or at times when the terms of such franchise permit, to use its best efforts to exploit the said photoplays through rental of prints thereof generally to exhibitors.

(2) Distributor agrees to exploit the said photoplays in the United States by the rental of prints thereof to exhibitors at the highest practicable prices and the Distributor agrees not to exploit the said photoplays or any of them in connection with or in conjunction with any other photoplays and not to make it a condition of the rental of the said photoplays or any of them that its customer take or hire another or other photoplays in conjunction therewith.

(c) Distributor hereby agrees to advance the cost of positive prints supplied by it for exploitartion in the United States of America at........

Dollars ($..) per reel, and the Producer hereby agrees that Distributor shall deduct and retain

........Dollars ($.....) per reel for each reel of positive supplied by it hereunder for exploitation in the United States of America from amounts which shall accrue to the Producer under the terms of clause.........hereof.

(d) All positive prints which Distributor shall cause to be manufactured for its agents or correspondents in the Dominion of Canada or in foreign countries shall be paid for by such agents or correspondents at a price to be mutually agreed upon between Distributor and such agents or correspondents, but not exceeding........Dollars ($......___) per reel, and the amount so paid to

Distributor by its agents or correspondents in the Dminion of Canada or in foreign countries shall

Price of Prints for United States.

Price of Prints for Canada and Foreign Countries.