Agreement made.........., between................, hereinafter designated as the Landlord, and..............., hereinafter designated as Tenant.

1. The Landlord hereby lets to the Tenant, and the Tenant hereby hires from the Landlord, the..... ........., for the term of.........., commencing.........., and ending.....

....., to be occupied as the tenant and immediate family and not otherwise.

2. The Tenant hereby covenants and agrees to pay to the

Landlord the rent advance, on the first day of each and every month during said term.

3. The Tenant shall not assign this lease or underlet the demised premises or any part thereof or make any alterations, additions or improvements in the premises without the written consent of the Landlord, nor permit or suffer upon the premises any act or thing deemed extra-hazardous on account of fire.

4. The Tenant shall not use or permit the demised premises or any part thereof to be used for any other purpose than that of a private apartment for himself and immediate family.

5. If any rent shall be due or unpaid, or if default shall be made in any of the conditions or covenants herein contained, or if the said premises or any part thereof shall be vacated by the tenant during the term granted by this lease, the Landlord may recover and resume possession of said apartment, either by force or otherwise, without being liable to prosecution therefor, remove all persons and property therefrom, relet the said premises as agent for the Tenant, receive and collect the rents thereof, applying the same first to the payment of such expenses as the Landlord may have incurred in recovering the possession of the said apartment and reletting the same, second to the payment of any costs or expenses that the Landlord may have incurred, either for repairs or by reason of any condition or covenant being unfulfilled on the part of the Tenant and then to the payment of any rent due or to become due under the terms of this lease, with interest, and the Tenant agrees to pay any deficiency which may arise.

6. During........months prior to the expiration of the term hereby granted, persons shall be admitted at reasonable hours to view the apartment until rented; and the Landlord or agent shall also be permitted at any time during the term to visit and examine the apartment at any reasonable hour; and whenever necessary for any alterations or repairs to any part of the building, the servants and agents of the Landlord shall be permitted to enter the apartment to make such repairs and alterations.

7. The Landlord shall have the right, at any time upon entering into a contract for the sale of the premises, to cancel this lease, and the term hereby granted, upon giving to the

Tenant........days' notice of h intention so to do, and upon the expiration of said........days, the Tenant agrees to vacate the premises and to surrender this lease and the term hereby granted.

Lease of Theatre for Exhibition of High Class Motion


Williston, Section 1955, note.

Agreement made.. .......between.................., hereinafter called the "Landlord," and................., hereinafter called the "Tenant."

Whereas the Tenant is desirous of procuring the use of the

..........Theatre in..........for the purposes hereinafter provided:

Now in Consideration of the Premises the Parties Hereto Agree as Follows:

1. The Landlord lets unto the Tenant, for the purpose of exhibitions of first class motion pictures only, for a period of......commencing......and terminating......, the......

Theatre, at..................., excepting and reserving the prosecenium box on the right of stage known as Box___ free admission and right to occupy the same during all performances being reserved for the Landlord, his lessor and nominees; if no notice of intended occupation of said box is given before four p. m. on any day, the Tenant may sell the same for that day.

2. The Tenant hires the said premises for said period of.....

and agrees to pay therefor a rental of........payable in installments in advance,............on the signing and delivery of this agreement, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged; equal payments advance on

......also......being of the license fee for the presentation of dramatic and theatrical performances at said theatre, and all other license fees and taxes imposed for the presentation of dramatic and theatrical performances at said theatre during the term of this agreement; and also pay to the Landlord all rents and charges which may be assessed or imposed according to law, upon said theatre premises for the Croton water which shall be used in the theatre, and for the placing of meters for measuring the same; and the same shall be added to and become a part of the rent. These license fees and water rents and charges shall be paid when each becomes due and payable to the......and if not then paid by the

Tenant, the Landlord or his representatives may pay the same and the same shall thereupon become part of and be added to the rent falling due or that may thereafter at any time fall due; and the Landlord and his representatives may maintain all the remedies for the recovery of such moneys or the possession of said premises that they might maintain for the nonpayment of rent.

3. The Tenant agrees to keep said premises, including the roof and the entrances on, and all the window glass and skylights, all the gas, sewers, steam, water and drain pipes, faucets, water fixtures, grates and machinery as are under control or possession of second party and all other appurtenances, in good condition and repair and return the same at the end of the term or sooner termination of this agreement, in as good condition as at the beginning of the term, reasonable wear and damages by fire or the elements excepted, and shall execute and comply with all the laws, rules, ordinances, orders and regulations of the........their departments and bureaus, the