13. That if the demised premises be in a building where the Lessor shall desire to supply the electric current to the Lessee , the Lessee hereby agrees to use no other current than that supplied by the Lessor and to pay therefor the same rate as is charged by the Public Service Corporations having the conduit in front of said building. However, the Lessor shall furnish or cause to be furnished suitable meters and other necessary arrangements similar to those furnished by such Public Service Corporations. The charge for the electric current shall be paid for monthly, and the Lessor reserves the right to discontinue such service 15 days after the presentation of the bill to the Lessee. Also if the Lessor so desires, the Lessee agrees to pay a deposit as a guarantee that the bills will be paid in accordance with the terms of the contract, the amount to be returned with six (6%) per cent. interest thereon upon the termination of said contract, the surrender of the certificate of deposit and the payment in full of the indebtedness or to be applied to liquidation of the account.

14. It is mutually understood that the telephone instrument in the demised premises is the property of the New York Telephone Company. Telephone service privileges may be exercised by the lessee upon condition that h shall and hereby do agree to pay therefor, in monthly installments, the regular charges for service to be determined by the lessor. Such service may be discontinued and withdrawn by the lessor in case the amount due by the lessee for tolls shall not be paid during the month in which the account therefor shall have been rendered. It is further mutually agreed that any such discontinuance of telephone service shall not in any way affect or modify the obligations of the lessee hereunder.

15. That the lessee shall not at any time place or display in or upon the exterior of said building, or upon any part thereof, or in or upon any window of the demised premises, including the sills or ledges thereof, any signs, advertisements, illumination or projection, unless the style, size and location of the same shall have been first authorized and approved in writing by the lessor or authorized agent. The Lessee shall use only such shades in the front windows of the demised premises as shall have been either furnished or approved by the lessor.

16. That on the last day of the said term, or on the sooner determination of the estate herein granted, the lessee shall peaceably and quietly leave, surrender and yield up unto the lessor all and singular the demised premises, together with all alterations, additions and improvements which may have been made by either of the parties hereto upon the premises, except movable furniture put in at the expense of the lessee .

17. That the lessee accepts this lease and subject and subordinate to the mortgage or mortgages now a lien upon the premises hereinabove described, and agrees that this lease shall be subject and subordinate to the lien of any other mortgage or mortgages which may at any time hereafter be secured by the lessor. And the said lessee agrees that will, at any time hereafter, on demand execute any instruments, releases, or documents that may be required by any mortgagee or mortgagor for the purpose of subjecting and subordinating this lease to the lien of any such mortgage or mortgages, original or substituted, and in case of the failure of the lessee to execute said papers on demand, the lessor is hereby authorized as the attorney and agents of the lessee to execute such releases, instruments or other documents and in such event, the lessee hereby confirms and ratifies any such instruments so executed by virtue of this power of attorney.

18. The parties mutually covenant and agree that these premises are leased upon the express condition that the term of this letting and hiring shall be deemed to be, and the same is hereby extended as between the parties hereto for the further term of........year.. from the........day of........19...

at annual rental of $........, payable in equal monthly payments in advance on the first day of every month during the said extended term, without deduction or concession, and upon terms, conditions and covenants identical in all respects with the terms, conditions and covenants of this lease, including the covenant contained in this paragraph for any future renewal or extension thereof, unless the lessee shall give notice to the lessor in writing, on or before the first day of June next preceding the expiration of the then current term, of an intention to vacate and surrender the demised premises at the date of such expiration. Service by the lessee of such written notice by U. S. registered mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the landlord or his agents in charge of the demised premises, shall be sufficient.

It is further mutually covenanted and agreed, however, that the landlord shall have the right and is hereby expressly empowered to cancel and annul any renewal or extension of this lease by giving to the lessee at any time prior to the first day of July next preceding the expiration of the then current term, written notice of an intention so to do. Service of such notice by U. S. registered mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the lessee at the demised premises shall be sufficient.

Hennessy Realty Co. v. Bernstein, 110 Misc. 331, 180 N. Y.

Supp. 540; United States Realty & Improvement Co. v. Erving, 172

N. Y. Supp. 214; Manhattan Realty Co. v. Marchbank, 87 Misc. 336, 149

N. Y. Supp. 834.

19. The lessor hereby coveants and agrees that the lessee , on paying the said rents and sums above reserved and provided for, and performing each and every covenant, condition and agreement herein mentioned on h part shall and may peacefully and quietly have, hold and enjoy the demised premises during the term aforesaid.

20. It is agreed that the covenants and agreements contained in the within lease shall be binding upon the parties hereto and upon their respective successors and legal representatives.