Article 1. The Architect's Services

The Architect's professional services consist of the necessary conferences, the preparation of preliminary studies, working drawings, specifications, large-scale and full-size detail drawings; the drafting of forms of proposals and contracts; the issuance of certificates of payment; the keeping of accounts, the general administration of the business and supervision of the work.

2. The Architect's Fee

The fee payable by the Owner to the Architect for his personal professional services shall be named elsewhere in this Agreement.

In case of the abandonment or suspension of the work or of any part or parts thereof, the Architect is to be paid in proportion to the services rendered on account of it up to the time of its abandonment or suspension, such proportion being 20% upon completion of preliminary sketches and 60% upon completion of working drawings and specifications.

If the scope of the work or the manner of its execution is materially changed subsequent to the signing of the Agreement the fee shall be adjusted to fit the new conditions.

If additional personal service of the Architect is made necessary by the delinquency or insolvency of either the Owner or the Contractor, or as a result of damage by fire, he shall be equitably paid by the Owner for such extra service.

3. The Architect's Costs

The Architect shall maintain an efficient and accurate cost-keeping system as to all costs incurred by him, in connection with the subject of this agreement, and his accounts, at all reasonable times, shall be open to the inspection of the Owner or his authorized representatives.

The costs referred to in this Article comprise the following items:

(a) The sums paid for drafting, including verification of shop drawings, for specification writing and for supervision of the work.

(b) The sums paid to structural, mechanical, electrical, sanitary or other engineers.

(c) The sums paid for incidental expenses such as costs of transportation or living incurred by the Architect or his assistants while traveling in discharge of duties connected with the work, costs of reproducing drawings, printing or mimeographing the specifications, models, telegrams, long distance telephone calls, legal advice, ex-pressage, etc.

(d) A proportion of the general expenses of the Architect's office, commonly called "Overhead," representing items that cannot be apportioned in detail to this work, such as rent, light, heat, stenographer's services, postage, drafting materials, telephone, accounting, business administration, etc.

It is agreed that the charge for such general expenses shall be............

per cent of item (a) of this article.

4. Payments

On or about the first day of each month the Architect shall present to the Owner a detailed statement of the payment due on account of the fee and the costs referred to in Article 3 and the Owner shall pay the Architect the amount thereof.

5. The Owner's Decisions

The Owner shall give thorough consideration to all sketches, drawings, specifications, proposals, contracts and other documents laid before him by the Architect and, whenever prompt action is necessary, he shall inform the Architect of his decisions in such reasonable time as not to delay the work of the Architect nor to prevent him from giving drawings or instructions to Contractors in due season.

6. Survey, Borings And Teste

The Owner shall furnish the Architect with a complete and accurate survey of the building site, giving the grades and lines of streets, pavements and adjoining properties; the rights, restrictions, boundaries and contours of the building site, and full information ae to sewer, water, gas and electrical service. The Owner is to pay for test borings or pits and for chemical, mechanical or other tests when required.

7. Supervision Of The Work

The Architect will endeavor to guard the Owner against defects and deficiencies in the work of contractors, but he does not guarantee the performance of their contracts. The supervision of an Architect is to be distinguished from the continuous personal superintendence to be obtained by the employment of a clerk-of-the-works.

When authorized by the Owner, a clerk-of-the-works, acceptable to both Owner and Architect, shall be engaged by the Architect at a salary satisfactory to the Owner and paid by the Owner.

8. Preliminary Estimates

When requested to do so, the Architect will make or procure preliminary estimates on the cost of the work and he will endeavor to keep the actual cost of the work as low as may be consistent with the purpose of the building and with proper workmanship and material, but no such estimate can be regarded as other than an approximation.

9. Ownership Of Documents

Drawings and specifications as instruments of service are the property of the Architect whether the work for which they are made be executed or not.

10. Successors And Assignment

The Owner and the Architect, each binds himself, his successors, executors, administrators, and assigns to the other party to this agreement, and to the successors, executors, administrators, and assigns of such other party in respect of all the covenants of this Agreement.

The Architect shall have the right to join with him in the performance of this agreement, any architect or architects with whom he may in good faith enter into partnership relations. In case of the death or disability of one or more partners, the rights and duties of the Architect, if a firm, shall devolve upon the remaining partner or partners or upon such firm as may be established by him or them, and he, they or it, shall be recognized as the "successor " of the Architect, and so on until the service covered by the agreement has been performed. The Owner shall have the same rights, but in his case no limitation as to the vocation of those admitted to partnership is imposed.

Except as above, neither the Owner nor the Architect shall assign, sublet or transfer his interest in this agreement without the written consent of the other.

11. Arbitration

-All questions in dispute under this agreement shall be submitted to arbitration at the choice of either party.

No one shall be nominated or act as an arbitrator who is in any way financially interested in this contract or in the business affairs of either party.

The general procedure shall conform to the laws of the State in which the work is to be erected. Unless otherwise provided by such laws, the parties may agree upon one arbitrator; otherwise there shall be three, one named in writing by each party and the third chosen by these two arbitrators, or if they fail to select a third within ten days, then he shall be chosen by the presiding officer of the Bar Association nearest to the location of the work. Should the party demanding arbitration fail to name an arbitrator within ten days of his demand, his right to arbitration shall lapse. Should the other party fail to choose an arbitrator within said ten days, then such presiding officer shall appoint such arbitrator. Should either party refuse or neglect to supply the arbitrators with any papers or information demanded in writing, the arbitrators are empowered by both parties to proceed ex parte.

The arbitrators shall act with promptness. If there be one arbitrator his decision shall be binding; if three, the decision of any two shall be binding. Such decision shall be a condition precedent to any right of legal action, and whenever permitted by law it may be filed in Court to carry it into effect.

The arbitrators shall fix their own compensation, unless otherwise provided by agreement and shall assess the costs and charges of the arbitration upon either or both parties.

The award of the arbitrators must be in writing and, if in writing, it shall not be open to objection on account of the form of the proceedings or the award, unless otherwise provided by the laws of the State in which the work is to be erected.

The Owner and the Architect hereby agree to the full performance of the covenants contained herein.

In witness whereof they have executed this agreement; the day and year first above written.