43. Schedules of Piece Work Rates. The prices and rates of pay that are to be in force during the life of this agreement are set forth in the schedules prepared for that purpose, duly authenticated by the proper signatures, and which are made a part hereof.

44. Hours of Work. The hours of work in the tailor shops shall be forty-nine per week, with the Saturday half holiday.

45. Minimim Wage. The minimum wage scale in the tailor shop shall be as follows:

1st month

2nd month

3rd month

Machine operators (male and female)


$ 7.00

$ 9 00

Women in hand work sections......




Men, 18 years and over, not operators.

, 8.00



All men not included in above......




Inspector tailors ( men ) ..............................


46. Overtime. For work done in excess of the regular hours per day, overtime shall be paid to piece workers of 50% in addition to their piece work rates; to the week workers at the rate of time and a half; no work shall be allowed on Sundays or legal holidays. Christmas, New Years, Decoration Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day shall be observed as holidays.

47. Week Worker's Scale. It is agreed that the question of classified wage scale, and periodical increase of pay for service, shall remain in the hands of Messrs. Mullenbach, Campbell and Marimpietri, to whom it was referred by the Conference Committee, until they are ready to report.

48. The week work schedule as agreed on by the committee, which has been accepted and signed by both the parties hereto, is hereby made a part of this agreement, subject to any changes that may be made as provided for above.

49. Piece Rate Committee. Whenever a change of piece rate is contemplated the matter shall be referred to a specially appointed rate committee who shall fix the rate according to the change of work. If the committee disagree the Trade Board shall fix the rate. In fixing the rates, the Board is restricted to the following rule:

50. Changed rates must correspond to the changed work and new rates must be based upon old rates where possible.

51. Hour Rates for Piece Workers. In case workers are changed from piece to hour work, the hour rates for such piece workers shall be based on their earnings on piece work.

52. Changing Operations. In the event a piece worker is required to change his mode of operation so that it causes him to lose time in learning, his case may be brought to the Rate Committee for its disposition.