It was early recognized in planning for the Treatise on the Law of Contracts which I have written, that it was desirable, if not essential, that a book of forms should form a part of the undertaking. I did not think it desirable, however, that I should personally undertake this part of the work. It seemed better that ope having fuller access to the files of large city offices should be asked to prepare a volume of modern forms. The style of legal draftsmanship has changed greatly in recent years, gaining in conciseness and clearness. To secure the benefit of this improved draftsmanship and also to avoid the danger of presenting forms which had not survived the test of experience, it was necessary to obtain forms which, for the most part at least, had been in successful recent use.

Mr. Lewis, who has prepared this volume, has been in a position to obtain use of a great number of forms which fulfill these requisites, and I am glad to have the volume prepared by him associated with those which I wrote.