It should be added that even though a corporation does business in violation of a statute, and in consequence thereof becomes unable to enforce the obligation of the other party under a contract, it is not itself excused from liability upon its own obligation.15 The corporation, however, whether sued directly upon the contract or on other grounds, may set up by way of defence the terms of such a contract;l5a and when the other party to the contract has repudiated his obligations the corporation may recover anything which it has transferred under the contract."15b

Atl. 1017. But a purchaser of a negotiable note from the receiver of a non-complying corporation was denied recovery in Hogan v. Intertype Corporation, 136 Ark. 52, 206 S. W. 58.

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15 Diamond Glue Co. v. U. S. Glue Co., 187 U. S. 611, 47 L. Ed. 328, 23 8. Ct. 206, and authorities therein referred to. See also Citizens' Nat. Bank v. Bucheit (Ala. App.), 71 So.

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15a Thus in Jones v. Wells-Fargo Co.,

83 N. Y. Misc. 145 N. Y. S. 601, an express company when sued was allowed to set up a limitation of liability contained in its contract. In Carrier Engineering Corp. v. International Mfg. Co., 104 N. Y. Misc. 191, 171 N. Y. S. 641, the defendant corporation was even allowed to counterclaim.