The age of twenty-one has been fixed by the law for centuries as that at which either a man or woman is regarded by the law as acquiring full capacity52 No distinction generally has been drawn so far as concerns contractual capacity between a minor of tender years and one, who, having nearly attained his majority, has ample intelligence in fact.53 As the law disregards for many purposes fractions of a day, an infant becomes of age at the beginning of the day preceding the twenty-first anniversary of his birth.54 The rules of the common law in regard to the duration of infancy still prevail unless altered by statute. By such statutes in many States a woman becomes of age at eighteen,55 and in a few an infant becomes of age on his birthday and not on the preceding day.56 Not infrequently the marriage of a female infant is given by statute the effect of making her of full contractual capacity,57 and in a few States the marriage of either man or woman under the age of twenty-one years has the effect not only of emancipation, but of giving full contractual capacity.58

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