Statutes usually provide with considerable detail the method of holding the election. Registration of voters at such election may be required.1 In such case bona fide holders are not bound to go back of the registration books, but may rely on the certificate of the registrar as to the legality of the registration.2 Canvassing of the returns by the county board is not necessary if the statute does not require it.3 The vote may be recanvassed if the election laws allow it and the bonds have not been delivered.4 Slight irregularities in the form of the ballot not tending to mislead the voters do not invalidate the election. Thus where some ballots were for "electric light contract and tax levy "and others for" electric light contract,"5 or where the ballots were marked " For taxation. Yes -. Against taxation. No - ,"the voter to mark in the blank,6 the election was held valid. The ordinary election laws apply.7 Irregularity in holding an election in one ward only does not necessarily invalidate the election.8