Under a contract for the sale of realty, a provision for the payment of a certain sum in case of breach, is held in some jurisdictions to be a provision for liquidated damages.1 Thus an agreement whereby either vendor,2 or vendee,3 to a contract for the sale of realty is to forfeit a deposit if he does not perform his part of the contract; or a covenant that if the vendor shall not in a specified time make a deed to vendee, the latter shall have a right to occupy the realty for a specified time;4 or a provision that the vendor shall remove an incumbrance within a specified time, and in default thereof shall pay a certain sum,5 or, where lots were sold for $3,050, a provision that the price should be $4,000 if in eighteen months the purchaser did not erect a certain building thereon,6 have been held valid as stipulations for liquidated damages. In other jurisdictions such a provision is held to be a penalty.7 Thus a contract to sell realty for $45,000 and to pay $5 an acre for each acre under twenty thousand,8 or a bond for six hundred dollars conditioned to convey realty worth three hundred dollars,9 have been held to he provisions for penalties. The two lines of cases are not all inconsistent; since where such provision is held to be a penalty the amount provided for is generally greatly in excess of the actual damages.

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