Sec. 2113. Nature of penalty and liquidated damages.

Sec. 2114. Alternative contracts - General nature.

Sec. 2115. Effect of alternative covenant.

Sec. 2116. Penalty in form of alternative covenant.

Sec. 2117. History of penalty in contract law.

Sec. 2118. Legal effect of each compared - Penalty.

Sec. 2119. Liquidated damages.

Sec. 2120. Effect of name employed.

Sec. 2121. Intention of parties controls.

Sec. 2122. "Artificial rules" for determining question.

Sec. 2123. Difficulty of proving actual damages.

Sec. 2124. Relation of stipulated amount to actual damage.

Sec. 2125. One penalty for breaches of different covenants.

Sec. 2126. Breach of single covenant.

Sec. 2127. Forfeiture of deposits and part payments.

Sec. 2128. Default in payment of money - Larger sum due.

Sec. 2129. Increase in rate of interest.

Sec. 2130. Other provisions.

Sec. 2131. Application of general principles - Building contracts.

Sec. 2132. Sale of personalty.

Sec. 2133. Sale of good will - Reasonable restraint of trade.

Sec. 2134. Sale of realty.

Sec. 2135. Lease of realty or personalty.

Sec. 2136. Contracts for royalties.