A simple contract is merged in a contract under seal.1 Under the doctrine of merger, delivery of a specialty executed by the debtor" extinguishes a simple contract debt. Thus a simple contract for the sale of real property is merged in a subsequent deed, executed and delivered between the parties in full performance of such contract, and supersedes such provisions of such contract as are covered by the deed.3 Thus a contract for the sale of " merchantable coal" is merged by subsequent deed conveying " all the stone coal" in the specified realty.4 So a simple contract to sell a lot for twelve hundred dollars in cash and eighty shares of stock, and providing that a dwelling house costing not less than four thousand dollars shall be erected by vendee upon such lot before a specified date, and that within ten years no improvement should be erected nearer than thirty feet to the rear building line, is merged by a subsequent deed for such lot delivered between the parties, providing that the grantee should not erect upon the lot within ten years a dwelling not to cost less than three thousand dollars, and should not build any improvement nearer than thirty feet to the front building line.5 So a contract to convey realty is merged in a subsequent deed executed by a third person if accepted in performance of such contract.6 So a contract for the sale of realty reserving timber is merged in a deed for such realty in which timber is not reserved.7

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