A provision which authorizes the maker of the instrument to declare it to be due and payable within a certain specified time, does not make such instrument non-negotiable.1 A note due on or before a certain date,2 or within a certain period,3 or in a certain time, the maker to have the option of paying in a shorter period,4 or to have the option of paying any part of the debt that he might wish, at any time before maturity,5 is negotiable. In all these cases the time of payment, though not ascertainable when the instrument is given, is bound to arrive eventually.

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A provision to the effect that if the collateral security depreciates in value the maker will deliver additional security or the note shall mature at once, does not render the note non-negotiable, at least if it is written beside the maker's signature thereto and is not found in the body of the note. Kennedy v. Broderick. 216 Fed. 137, L. R. A. 1915B, 472.

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Some authorities, however, treat contracts for the payment of money on or before a certain date as non-negotiable.6 A provision for permitting partial payments up to a certain amount and for rebating interest from the date of such payment, seems to be regarded as making the instrument non-negotiable.7