Sec. 2802. Nature of payment.

Sec. 2803. Method of payment - In general.

Sec. 2804. Delivery of money.

Sec. 2805. Medium of payment in absence of specific agreement.

Sec. 2806. Medium of payment - Specific agreement excluding certain kinds of money.

Sec. 2807. Payment in something other than money - Effect of express agreement in advance.

Sec. 2808. Contracts payable in something other than money - No valuation in money.

Sec. 2809. Valuation in money as means of fixing quantity.

Sec. 2810. Valuation in money as giving election as to medium of payment.

Sec. 2811. Payment of money debt in something other than money - Express agreement.

Sec. 2812. Presumption as to effect of assignment of non-negotiable right.

Sec. 2813. Presumption as to transfer of negotiable instrument - Absolute payment not presumed - Notes.

Sec. 2814. Absolute payment not presumed - Drafts; cashier's checks, etc.

Sec. 2815. Absolute payment not presumed - Checks.

Sec. 2816. Absolute payment presumed.

Sec. 2817. Payment in Confederate money or money of foreign country.

Sec. 2818. Payment in genuine but worthless bank-notes.

Sec. 2819. Payment in counterfeit money.

Sec. 2820. By whom payment may be made - Payment by debtor.

Sec. 2821. Payment by stranger to contract.

Sec. 2822. To whom payment may be made - Payment to creditor.

Sec. 2823. Payment to agent of creditor.

Sec. 2824. Place of payment.

Sec. 2825. Time of payment.

Sec. 2826. Payment by mail.

Sec. 2827. Effect of payment - Judgments.

Sec. 2828. Effect of payment - Obligations under seal.

Sec. 2829. Effect of payment - Simple debts.