A contract requiring a manufacturer to furnish an experienced and successful sales agent to a dealer to whom he sells his goods, is not broken by the fact that the agent.whom he recommends is in fact dishonest, unless the manufacturer acted negligently or in bad faith in recommending him.1 A contract to instruct a beet-grower as to the method of growing beets, is not broken by failure to instruct laborers whom he has employed,2 nor by advice to him to wait for experienced laborers, at least if no other laborers could be obtained.3 A contract to furnish pasture for cattle is broken by failure to furnish water for the cattle, as well as grass.4 A contract to furnish street-car advertising in a certain number of streetcars running at a certain place, which in fact covers practically all of the street-cars at such place, is broken by inserting such advertisements on the same number of street-cars out of a much greater number which run over a much longer route.5 A contract for advertising which guarantees a certain number of subscribers is broken by a failure to furnish substantially the number of subscribers agreed upon;6 and delinquent subscribers can not be counted in determining such number, even though they are classed as "paid subscribers" by the custom of the business.7 A contract to pay certain towage services is not broken by refusal to pay the cost of breaking ice so as to tow the vessel.8